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Our continuing quality and safety journey

Posted Nov 15th, 2019

Our continuing quality and safety journey

Quality, safe patient care is a top priority for Niagara Health, and our teams are always looking for ways to enhance the services we provide. All members of our team are currently participating in a voluntary healthcare accreditation program as part of this ongoing commitment to quality improvement. Accreditation Canada measures our programs and services against national quality and safety standards.

Niagara Health will welcome accreditation surveyors across our sites from Nov. 18 to 22. We look forward to sharing our accomplishments and how we’re providing high-quality, safe patient care.

Some important quality and safety milestones over the past four years include:

  • Receiving 17 Leading Practices from the Health Standards Organization, recognizing our commitment to providing high-quality, safe care. We are proud to share our learnings with hospitals around the world.
  • Growing and strengthening our research and academic mandate to transform healthcare in Niagara and beyond and enhance patient experiences and outcomes.
  • Creating the Niagara Health Engagement Network to bring the perspectives of the people we serve into decision-making in meaningful and authentic ways.
  • Capturing more than 2,000 voices while creating a new Patient and Family Declaration of Values and Integrated Quality and Safety Framework.
  • Integrating the perspectives of more than 600 patients, families, staff and physicians into our new Patient Safety Plan.
If you are at one of our sites during accreditation, you may come in contact with an Accreditation Canada surveyor, and you are encouraged to share your safety journey at NH if you feel comfortable doing so. Please ask a member of your healthcare team if you have any questions.

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