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South Niagara Project survey aims to make a statement

Posted Feb 20th, 2020

South Niagara Project survey aims to make a statement

Niagara Health is asking for feedback and creativity to help develop the Project Statement for the South Niagara hospital. 

The Project Statement will be used during the planning and construction phase of the project to help lead Niagara Health, consultants, and the community, to ensure the new South Niagara hospital represents a shared and focused vision for the future.

The chosen Project Statement will be used to guide priorities, allocate resources, and provide a road map to ensure decisions made, properly align with the vision of the South Niagara Project.

After completing nine design reports to date as part of the planning for the South Niagara Project and numerous engagements sessions, there was an underlining theme throughout each, emphasizing the desire for the design of the project to deliver high quality healthcare, while creating an environment of well-being, community and sustainability.

Niagara Health is asking the public to visit their website to learn more about the South Niagara Project, then vote or create your own Project Statement through an online survey or in person.

A list of ballot boxes, where the public can vote in-person, are listed on the Niagara Health website.

The survey will be open until April 10, 2020 at which point the results and suggested Project Statements will be reviewed by staff and Niagara Health’s Board of Directors. The chosen Project Statement for the South Niagara hospital is projected to be announced in June 2020.

To vote or create a Project Statement, click here:


“Niagara Health recognizes the urgent need for greater access to healthcare in our community and are very fortunate to be planning for a new hospital.  We are striving to build a facility reflective of Niagara and its needs. It is important for input and feedback into the project statement to ensure the vision of the South Niagara Project represents our intended end result."

- Angela Zangari, EVP Finance & Operations, South Niagara Project Lead, Niagara Health

“A project statement is being developed to unite staff, physicians, volunteers and the Niagara community and provide clarity around the big picture for the South Niagara Project.  A project statement is a practical guide for creating plans, setting objectives, making decisions, and coordinating and evaluating the design for the South Niagara Project.”

- Cliff Harvey, Chief Planning Officer, South Niagara Project, Niagara Health

For more information on the South Niagara Project click here.

To vote and/or create a Project Statement click here.

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