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IN IT TOGETHER: ‘This show of support…makes us stronger‘

Posted Jul 10th, 2020

IN IT TOGETHER: ‘This show of support…makes us stronger‘

We are proud to serve the Niagara region and be a member of this great community.

Having a sense of community is the feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. Throughout the pandemic, we relied on each other at Niagara Health to care for COVID patients as a team. What came as a welcome surprise and source of inspiration was the broader community’s support over the last few months.

From donations of food and gift baskets, to messages of support, we were reminded that even during the most challenging times, we are all in this together as one community – the Niagara community.

All of our team members have been touched by the overwhelming support of local businesses and Niagara residents of all ages. Thank you for your messages Niagara, they mean more than you know.

Here is a small sampling of responses from our team members inspired by this outpouring of kindness:

“Community support meant so much to us here in the ICU. Since we’re caring for the sickest COVID-19 patients, many of the ICU and Respiratory Therapy staff were isolating from their families in the beginning due to all of the unknowns. Losing your support systems during such a stressful time can be devastating, so knowing that the community was supporting us and being able to read these positive messages of encouragement every day brought lots of positivity to the unit and helped brighten spirits.” - Elayn Young, Clinical Manager – Critical Care, Respiratory Therapy and Critical Care Response Team, St. Catharines Site

"The words of encouragement and acts of kindness shown to our dedicated healthcare teams working during these challenging times has meant so much. We’re all “In This Together” and this show of support only makes us stronger and more united as we continue towards our goal of providing “Extraordinary Caring, Every Person, Every time”!" - Patty Welychka, Director, Patient Care and Surgical Services, Welland Site

“We appreciate all the community support through this challenging time. Thank you for doing your part in helping us crush the curve.” -Dr. Faisal Hamour, Surgeon

"The Perioperative team has been blessed with various acts of kindness throughout our COVID experience. This support is a reminder to all of us that what we are doing is important, valued and recognized by all members of our community." - Jennifer Law, Manager, Clinical Services, Nursing, Niagara Falls Site

 “The acts of kindness and messages from the community makes me feel acknowledged and appreciated from everyone and it is an honour to care for our sick and older adult population.” -Pam Sulyma, Healthcare Aide, Nursing, Port Colborne Site

“When the community reaches out a hand and a heart to doctors and nurses during the pandemic, this gives us energy, hope and the power to keep fighting on.” -Jennifer Sorell, Registered Practical Nurse, Fort Erie

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the outcry of community support from across the Region! It meant so much to know that our efforts during the pandemic were truly valued and appreciated.  This situation has been a real eye-opener around what the word community really means -both inside the hospital and across Niagara.  It’s amazing to know I live and work in places with such heart.” -Shirley Ogilvie, Screener, Niagara Falls Site and Program Co-ordinator, Withdrawal Management Services, 264 Welland Ave.

“Thank you to the community for your continuous support during these trying times. It means so much to see these acts of kindness.” -Barb Bunn, Hospitality Services Aide, Environmental Services, Niagara Falls Site

“What’s been so amazing during the pandemic is how we learned that kindness could keep us going, could motivate us to do work in unprecedented times. That feeling that the community ‘has our back’ was shown in so many unique and special ways. The kindness is like fuel, keeping us going.” - Sandy Traynor, Manager, Workplace Relations, Human Resources, Welland Site  

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