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Vaccine news offers ray of hope  

Posted Nov 10th, 2020

Vaccine news offers ray of hope   

News this week of a coronavirus vaccine showing effectiveness in the interim analysis is very encouraging in the battle against COVID-19.

The analysis showed the vaccine, developed by drug maker Pfizer and biotechnology firm BioNTech, was more than 90 per cent effective at protecting people compared to a placebo.

Dr. Karim Ali, Niagara Health Director, Division of Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Stewardship Program and Lead Physician for Emergency Preparedness, says the news offers a ray of hope.

“I am cautiously optimistic and encouraged by this development,” says Dr. Ali. “However, more research, testing and data is required to get a full picture.”

Also promising is the other work happening around the world to develop a vaccine. “Through history, the world has never been in a pandemic before with so much scientific knowledge around us,” says Dr. Ali. “That should give us all hope.”

While we await a vaccine, which is still months away, it is so important that we control the transmission of the virus with the bundled approach. This means adhering at all times to the important public health measures that were so instrumental in our response to combating the first wave of COVID-19 – masking, physical distancing, hand washing, and getting your flu shot. Find out where you can get a flu shot here.

Dr. Ali discussed the vaccine announcement in interviews on CH TV and CKTB Radio

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