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IN IT TOGETHER: Making clients feel welcomed at New Port Centre

Posted Nov 27th, 2020

IN IT TOGETHER: Making clients feel welcomed at New Port Centre

Marci Zyta is a shining example of going above and beyond in her role at Niagara Health.

Marci, a member of our Environmental Services team, is responsible for cleaning and other services in the women’s residence of the addiction treatment program at our New Port Centre in Port Colborne. The 18-day program focuses on addiction recovery through education, skill development, health promotion and aftercare planning.

Marci says she always wants to make the program’s clients feel welcomed and comfortable because she knows they may be nervous when they arrive.

“By the second day of their arrival, I leave a note, with some chocolate or another treat, saying welcome to New Port Centre and letting them know to reach out to me if there is anything they need, like new towels or sheets,” says Marci, a member of the Niagara Health team for 17 years.

On Fridays, she folds their towels in the shape of swans or elephants and leaves a note congratulating them on completing another week of their recovery.

“When they’re leaving, I am always clapping for them in the hallway, congratulating them on their recovery and wishing them all the best in their future,” she says.

Marci’s kindness means a lot to the clients, says Ryan Blodgett, Clinical Supervisor of the addictions program.

“Not only does Marci do her job excellently, she takes extra time to ensure our clients feel welcomed, cared for and respected,” says Ryan. “In addition to thanking our caring addiction counsellors when they graduate, I often hear clients speak of how much those messages and expressions of kindness from Marci meant to them throughout their stay. She truly lives by Niagara Health’s CORE values.”

What inspires Marci to perform the beautiful acts of kindness?

“Because I care about my job and I care about the clients. It makes me feel good to see a smile on their face,” she says. “When they first come in, you can tell they may be nervous. It can be overwhelming. It makes me happy to see them happy when they complete the program. They even leave me messages of thanks.”

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