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Statement from the Niagara Health Board of Directors

Posted Jan 6th, 2021

Statement from the Niagara Health Board of Directors

Niagara Health is committed to providing our patients, their families and the community with the best healthcare experience, and continually pushes to raise the bar in teaching and learning, research and innovation.

Our staff and physicians have earned the deepest respect of our community for their hard work and dedication during the pandemic. The Niagara Health Board of Directors are very proud of their extraordinary efforts.

For the last six years, Niagara Health has had a contractual agreement with St. Joseph’s Health System. Among other collaboration initiatives such as joint programs and services, the agreement provided for Niagara Health to purchase CEO services from St. Joseph’s Health System such that the organizations shared a joint CEO.

The Board of Directors of Niagara Health have decided to end the purchase of CEO services within the agreement effective immediately.

The Board of Directors of Niagara Health would like to thank Dr. Tom Stewart for his valuable service to our system and the people of Niagara.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Lynn Guerriero, current President of Niagara Health, will become President and Interim CEO.

UPDATE: January 18, 2021

Dr. Stewart was not an employee of Niagara Health. He was an employee of St. Joseph’s Health System (SJHS). Niagara Health had an agreement with SJHS for the past 6 years which included the purchase of CEO services. Any terms and conditions of employment for the CEO, such as vacation time, compensation and severance pay, were left solely to the discretion of the SJHS Board, including responsibility for all compensation to the CEO, including severance. 

NH has terminated the agreement for CEO services with SJHS but we have no obligation for severance.

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