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Three COVID outbreaks declared over at Niagara Health

Posted Feb 2nd, 2021

Three COVID outbreaks declared over at Niagara Health

Niagara Health is pleased to report that three COVID-19 outbreaks at our hospital sites have been resolved.

The outbreaks on Unit 2A and the Emergency Department at our St.Catharines Site and the Sixth-Floor Unit at our Welland Site were declared over today after 14 days of enhanced monitoring of patients and staff showed there had been no evidence of further transmission on the units.

Thank you to our dedicated teams for their tireless work and commitment to implement and consistently practise infection prevention and control measures to bring these outbreaks to a successful end.

Our teams are currently managing two other outbreaks at our sites – on the Fourth-Floor Unit and the Extended Care Unit, a long-term care home, at our Welland Site.

COVID-19 outbreaks reinforce the highly infectious nature of the virus and the need for vigilance with public health measures, including physical distancing, proper and consistent mask usage, regular hand washing, and staying home as much as possible.


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