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Region Commits $44.5 Million to Support South Niagara Site

Posted Jun 18th, 2021

Niagara Regional Council has committed $44.5 million in principle to support the South Niagara hospital’s local share funding portion.

Following thorough discussions at Niagara Region’s Budget Review, Committee of the Whole meeting on June 17th, financial commitment was approved, dependent on final budget approval. Payment of the local share portion will follow the opening of the new hospital, and over a several year payment period through tax levies.

The local share is the portion of funding for which a hospital is responsible. Hospitals are responsible for 10 per cent of the eligible construction costs of a new build and 100 per cent of the costs associated with the purchase of new and replacement furniture, fixtures and equipment.

The Province of Ontario will fund the majority of the new hospital project, with the local community and Niagara Health responsible for funding the local share portion, approximately $212 million. The local share breakdown is based off completed feasibility studies and recommendations by cost consultants working alongside Niagara Health.

The South Niagara hospital project remains on schedule with the request for proposals set for release in early fall.


Jim Bradley, Chair, Niagara Region

“The South Niagara hospital project signifies another significant investment in Niagara that will bring economic growth to our region, drive innovation and support the health and well-being for generations to come.”

Bunny Alexander, Board Chair, Niagara Health

“We are sincerely appreciative for the support from Regional Council and the commitment from Niagara residents. The commitment from our regional and municipal leaders sends a message to the Ontario Government that Niagara is supportive and ready to move ahead with the next exciting milestone.”

Lynn Guerriero, President and Interim CEO, Niagara Health

“The commitment made by Regional Council is a fundamental step toward in the realization of reaching our funding goal, and ensuring that the residents of Niagara have access to the state-of-the art healthcare they need. Although a significant commitment, there is still much work to be done, including the upcoming launch of the Niagara Health Foundation’s fundraising campaign.”

Dr. Johan Viljoen, Chief of Staff

“The South Niagara hospital project is an essential purpose built facility that will form the acute care hub in our strategy to look after older persons. We have learned over the course of this pandemic the importance of infection, prevention and control measures. This facility will undoubtedly position us well in our daily operations, and in managing potential future pandemics.”

Project Facts:
  • The South Niagara hospital project continues to move through the Ministry of Health’s five-stage planning process for building a new health infrastructure in Ontario.
  • The project will be delivered as a P3 (Public-Private Partnership) model. Find out more about P3s here.
  • Construction of the new site is expected to begin in 2022 with completion estimated for 2026/2027.
  • For more information on the South Niagara Project click here.

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