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Zero patients with COVID-19 at Niagara Health

Posted Aug 4th, 2021

For the first time since September 2020, Niagara Health does not have any COVID-19 patients admitted in the hospital.

“This is the result of the efforts and dedication of the entire Niagara Health team,” says Linda Boich, Executive Vice President, Quality, and Mental Health and Addictions, Executive Lead, Integrated Care and Executive Lead, Niagara COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force. “We are grateful to them for their professionalism and commitment to our patients and their families, which are making a positive difference during a difficult time. We’re also thankful to our partners and our community for their support and efforts throughout the pandemic.”

This milestone also reflects the impact vaccination against COVID-19 is having on limiting the transmission of the virus in our community.

 “We are getting closer to putting the pandemic behind us as more people get vaccinated,” says Dr. Johan Viljoen, Chief of Staff. “Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is critical to preventing a fourth wave and ending this pandemic. We encourage anyone who has not yet been vaccinated with a first and/or second dose to do so.”

The Seymour-Hannah vaccination clinic in St. Catharines is open for walk-ins and for booked appointments. There are also a number of other opportunities to get vaccinated in the community. Please visit our website for details.

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