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March is National Nutrition Month

Posted Mar 18th, 2022

March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! At Niagara Health, our Clinical Nutrition team supports more than 25,000 patients each year.

Dietitians support a wide range of patients throughout different phases of life, from pregnancy to eating well when you're older and recovering from a procedure in the hospital. They are also part of our interdisciplinary teams that provide care to patients living with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease. Dietitians work closely with patients to help them understand which foods are safe to eat depending on their condition, and how to maintain a healthy weight while eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

Check out these tips for eating well from our Nutrition team.

Food for thought:

  1. A nourishing breakfast gives you a fuel boost plus protein and fiber to help you stay alert and avoid mid-morning hunger.
  2. Your best choice for quenching thirst is water! Add zing with mint, berries or citrus wedges. Carry a water bottle and keep it fresh all day.
  3. Nourishing snacks satisfy hunger between meals. To stay energized and satisfied, snack smart with small portions of nutrient rich foods such as fresh veggies and black bean dip, a crisp apple with a couple of pieces of tangy cheese, or roasted chick peas with a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips. Short on time? Be prepared with nourishing grab ‘n’ go foods like yogurt, nuts and fruit
  4. Finding yourself hungry too soon after eating meals or snacks? You might need to add more fiber and protein rich foods to your meals. Fiber helps fill you up and protein helps your energy last longer.
  5. Packing lunch is a healthy, budget friendly habit. Keep it simple: Reinvent “planned extra” leftovers for a lunch that’s way better than the food court. Try using extra chicken in a wrap or soft taco with crunchy cabbage, shredded carrot, a sprinkle of feta and a big squeeze of lime.
  6. Look around your house, workplace, car or anywhere you might be eating. Are there cues like candy bowls and cookie jars, that hinder healthy habits? Redesign your environment with healthy cues to prompt good choices such as placing a fruit bowl on the counter.
Too many changes at once can be overwhelming and hard to keep up. It’s better to make one nourishing change that sticks!

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