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Message from Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Burlington Region Hospitals

Posted Sep 26th, 2022

In response to province-wide health system capacity constraints, the Government of Ontario has passed Bill 7 (More Beds, Better Care Act), which impacts patients who are clinically determined as ready for discharge and are awaiting placement in their preferred long-term care home.

A patient who is waiting in hospital for an alternate level of care (ALC) no longer requires the specialized treatment/services of the bed type that they are in, but needs on-going care in another type of bed or community setting. If services or beds such as those in long-term care are not immediately available, patients remain in hospital. This impacts the availability of beds for new patients who require hospital care, and results in patients being cared for in unconventional spaces, such as hallways. Unfortunately, we see this reality in our hospitals every day and we know the challenges this presents for our patients, as well as our teams wanting to provide necessary care.

Under Bill 7, Ontario’s Home and Community Care Support Services staff will be able to temporarily place patients in our region that no longer require hospital care in an available bed at a long-term care home within 70 kms, while they await an available bed in their preferred home.

We want to assure our patients and their families that we are working closely with Home and Community Care Support Services staff, our regional hospital partners, and our community partners to facilitate this new process, and to make sure it’s implemented in a way that offers the utmost support and care to the impacted patients and families.

There are well-established processes in place to assist patients and families with identifying long-term care options. For any patients who might be impacted by the new legislation, Home and Community Care Support Services staff will provide ample communication and support in advance of any placement decisions.

We are committed to compassion and support for everyone impacted as this legislation proceeds. Our organizations work tirelessly to assure the health and safety of everyone we care for, including those in hospital today, as well as those urgently awaiting hospital care. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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