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An update on our Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Program

Posted Dec 2nd, 2022

Niagara Health’s Leadership Team recently commissioned a standard internal program review of our Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (SADV) Treatment Centre to ensure patients have access to the services and care they need, and understand program strengths, current challenges and opportunities for improvement.

The Review included a survey of other SADV treatment programs, clinical observations, review of key documents, chart reviews and focus groups/interviews with 20 stakeholders. The Review found that Niagara Health’s SADV is a safe and effective program providing patient-centred care. The quality and standards of care meet or exceed those of other SADV programs across Ontario.

In 2021-22, there were 241 patients served compared to 194 patients in 2020-21. The Review identified some areas for improvement such as hours of operation, recruitment and retention, and collaboration with community partners. Niagara Health takes these recommendations seriously and we will be actively working to address them.

Niagara Health has the funding it needs to continue its ongoing recruitment efforts for the specially trained SADV nurses required for the program and we anticipate full and continued funding. Current job opportunities can be found at

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