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Transforming Care for a healthier Niagara

Posted Jan 26th, 2023

Niagara Health will undergo a significant transformation in the next five years that will ensure and enhance the delivery of extraordinary caring to our patients.

To guide NH in that process, the organization launched Transforming Care, our 2023-28 Strategic Plan, this month. The Strategic Plan is different than our Master Plan, which is a Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care-approved plan for Niagara Health services across the region that was created in 2016 and includes plans for the new South Niagara Site hospital.

Our long-standing vision to build a healthier Niagara is at the heart of our new Strategic Plan. It's an ambitious but realistic plan that puts our patients and our people first by creating an integrated, patient-centred health system operating across three sites, including a new hospital. This plan focuses on initiatives and key areas that will strengthen the care we provide for more than 500,000 Niagara residents and counting: putting people first, delivering safe and quality care, and transforming how we work as an organization.

By 2028, Niagara Health will:

  • Ensure a positive patient experience with a focus on the increasing demands of our aging community and work with specific patient populations, beginning with Indigenous partners, to improve care;
  • Deliver consistent, high-quality care across all sites, using technology and data, which will get easier with the implementation of our new hospital information system;
  • Fully transition to a regional model with two acute care sites, including the opening of the new South Niagara Site hospital, as well as one ambulatory care site; and
  • Continue to build an inclusive and collaborative workplace with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

We want to be a trusted carer, a welcoming and supportive workplace, and a strong partner. Our people — and our region — are unique, and although implementing solutions that address our challenges and the demands in our specific context may take time, it is essential work.

Learn more about the 2023-28 Strategic Plan, Transforming Care.

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