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Niagara Falls commits $30 million in support of South Niagara hospital

Posted Jul 12th, 2023

Niagara Falls commits $30 million in support of South Niagara hospital

Niagara Falls city council has committed $30 million in support of the South Niagara hospital’s local share funding portion.

Niagara Health made a formal local share request to Niagara Falls city council at the Dec. 13, 2022 council meeting and engaged in a thorough discussion about the hospital and funding. A decision was made at the July 11 council meeting with councillors voting in favour of the financial commitment. Terms and payment timelines are still required to be negotiated and will be presented to the city’s budget committee for final approval.

“The South Niagara hospital is starting to make significant strides as we enter the construction phase of this project. This financial commitment from the City of Niagara Falls is helping us reach our funding goals and we are grateful that Niagara Falls city councillors have chosen to support this state-of-the art healthcare facility. Their commitment is helping to bring us one step closer to making this hospital a reality,” says Lynn Guerriero, President and CEO, Niagara Health.

The local share is the portion of funding for which a hospital is responsible. Hospitals must fund 10 per cent of the eligible construction costs and 100 per cent of the costs associated with the purchase of new and replacement furniture, fixtures and equipment.

The Province of Ontario will fund the majority of the new hospital project with the local community and Niagara Health responsible for the local share portion. The local share breakdown is based on completed feasibility studies and recommendations by cost consultants working alongside Niagara Health. Payment of the local share portion will follow the opening of the new hospital and over a multi-year payment period through tax levies.
“We are very grateful that Niagara Falls city councillors have given their support for our new South Niagara Site hospital. Niagara residents deserve the best healthcare possible, and this commitment from the home municipality will help us deliver that care to all Niagara residents,” said Marylee O’Neill, Board Chair, Niagara Health.

In February, EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare (EDIH) was awarded the $3.6-billion contract to design, build, finance and maintain the hospital. The project remains on schedule with early site work underway in preparation for the soon-to-be-installed construction trailer complex and excavation planned to begin this summer. The hospital will take five years to complete with the official opening planned for summer 2028.

Quick Facts

  • The South Niagara hospital project is in Stage 5 of the Ministry of Health’s five-stage planning process for building new health infrastructure in Ontario.
  • The project will be delivered as a P3 (Public-Private Partnership) model. Find out more about P3s here.
  • For more information on the South Niagara Project click here.

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