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Greg and Diane Slaight’s transformational $60 million gift largest in Niagara Health history

Posted Jul 31st, 2023

Niagara Health Foundation is honoured to announce and celebrate a historic gift from Greg and Diane Slaight that will truly transform the care that patients receive at Niagara Health. This incredible and generous contribution will be directed towards critical patient care equipment and priority needs across Niagara Health, the Walker Family Cancer Centre and the South Niagara hospital project.

Greg and Diane's unparalleled $60-million gift is the largest donation ever made to the Niagara Health Foundation. $45 million of the gift will address priority patient care needs and the advancement and treatment of health needs at Niagara Health for Niagara's 485,000 residents. $10 million from the gift will support the Walker Family Cancer Centre, which will ensure that patients can receive cancer diagnosis and treatment close to home. Finally, $5 million of the gift will support building the new South Niagara Hospital, which will bring a world-class healthcare facility to Niagara. In recognition of the support for the South Niagara Hospital, the Diagnostic Imaging Unit will be known as the "Slaight Family Diagnostic Imaging Unit."

"This gift is made possible by my father, Allan Slaight. His business success and his generosity allow us to make this gift," says donor Greg Slaight.

“There are no words to adequately express our gratitude for this unprecedented philanthropic donation that will change lives. This gift will positively impact patient care while enhancing the work environment for Niagara Health staff. It is a testament to the Slaight family’s commitment to the Niagara community. On behalf of Niagara Health, thank you to the family for their generosity.” – Lynn Guerriero, President and CEO, Niagara Health.

"This momentous contribution marks a turning point in the history of Niagara Health Foundation, we are immensely grateful to Greg and Diane whose profound generosity will leave a lasting impact on the health and well-being of countless individuals in our region. With this remarkable gift, we can continue to support and grow our mission to provide Niagara Health with the critical, urgently needed patient care equipment necessary to deliver exceptional care and improve health outcomes." – Andrea Scott, President and CEO, Niagara Health Foundation.

The Foundation remains dedicated to fostering a culture of philanthropy and building a healthier future for Niagara residents. This generous gift exemplifies the power of collective goodwill and is a testament to the shared vision of providing accessible, high-quality healthcare to our community.

About Niagara Health Foundation:

Niagara Health Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports Niagara Health in providing extraordinary patient care. Through the generosity of donors and community partners, Niagara Health Foundation funds equipment, facilities, research, and education that help maintain and improve the health of Niagara residents.

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