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Take Five with Dr. Gavin Mazzetti

Posted Jan 15th, 2024

Take Five is a series of stories celebrating our team of more than 600 talented and caring physicians and their journey that brought them to Niagara Health.

By sharing anecdotes and stories of his own success, Dr. Gavin Mazzetti helps new physicians feel more comfortable and confident in their decision to join Niagara Health.

Dr. Gavin Mazzetti has a knack for bringing top talent to Niagara Health.

It’s a skill he’s had since joining the hospital as an Internal Medicine Physician five years ago and one that most recently landed him the position of Niagara Health’s Internal Medicine Recruitment Lead.

“It was a natural fit,” says Dr. Mazzetti. “Before stepping into this role, I always found myself passionately talking about my own experiences and sharing job postings with my network. Now, as the internal medicine physician recruitment lead, I get to do what I love on a larger scale – connecting talented physicians with meaningful opportunities that align with their career aspirations.”

Starting a new job can be a daunting task for physicians, who often have concerns about acclimating to a new environment, establishing patient relationships and integrating into a hospital’s healthcare system.

A physician recruitment lead can empathize with these worries and provide reassurance based on their own experiences.

So, what does the day look like for Dr. Mazzetti? He says, “it’s different every day.

“It could be giving new physicians a tour of our hospitals, or attending job fairs. During the evening, I respond to recruitment inquiries and speak to potential candidates over the phone.

“Having a physician in a leadership position brings credibility and authenticity to the recruitment process”, he says. “This position speaks volumes to the hospital’s commitment to recruiting the best talent.”

By sharing anecdotes and stories of his own success, Dr. Mazzetti helps new physicians feel more comfortable and confident in their decision to join Niagara Health.

A graduate of McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine in Hamilton, he found himself drawn to the community hospital appeal of Niagara Health after completing a physician locum at the St. Catharines Hospital.

“Everyone was so welcoming and friendly,” he recalls. “That’s what really stuck with me. I also really enjoyed living in Niagara. I knew it would be a great place to raise my family.”

For the internal medicine physician, making the decision to join Niagara Health was not only about finding a place of work, but also about joining a community where he could thrive and grow both professionally and personally.

“Working with a team of likeminded people who agree that work supports the rest of your life makes a big difference,” he says. “At the end of the work day, I am able to step away and just be Gavin. Whether that means taking my kids to their activities or playing a round of golf with friends.”

Niagara Health is currently recruiting for physicians to join our talented teams in areas including anesthesiology, emergency medicine, palliative care and more.

“We are looking for physicians who have a connection to the Niagara region and who are looking to establish roots here,” he says. “I look for someone who I want to share patients with.”

To learn more about current opportunities, visit or contact

“It’s a privilege to play a part in shaping the future of healthcare and the lives of those who join our esteemed medical team at Niagara Health.”

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