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Take Five with Dr. Nigel Tan and Dr. Winnie Chan

Posted Feb 20th, 2024

Take Five is a series of stories celebrating our team of more than 600 talented and caring physicians and the journey that brought them to Niagara Health.

Colleagues Dr. Winne Chan and Dr. Nigel Tan will be presenting at this years Cardiology Day event on February 21. 

Dr. Nigel Tan and Dr. Winnie Chan understand the importance of collaboration within the medical field.

As Cardiologists in Niagara Health’s Cardiac Care program, the two physicians collaborate each day with medical learners, community physicians and each other.  

“As with so many fields of medicine, best practices are continuously evolving,” says Dr. Tan. “We are fortunate to be able to connect with colleagues to share research, data and shed light on how to best treat cardiac conditions.”

Drawn by the critical need for cardiac care in Niagara, Dr. Tan joined Niagara Health in 2020 after completing sub-specialty training in Toronto.

“I was struck by the positive culture, particularly within the Cardiac Care program, but also amongst all of the physicians from other departments that I interacted with.”

As a teaching hospital, Niagara Health has close academic partnerships with McMaster University, allowing physicians to work alongside medical learners, sharing their expertise and knowledge.

This close collaboration is one of the reasons Dr. Chan found herself drawn to Niagara Health.

After graduating from McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, Dr. Chan completed additional cardiology training at Queen’s University. As a Niagara local she was particularly interested in returning home to her roots.

“Niagara Health was the perfect location to start my career,” she says. “In addition to being close to my family, the hospital offered the opportunity to participate in ongoing medical education with McMaster University.”

While the opportunity to work alongside new physicians is something both doctors’ value in their day-to-day work, having opportunities to expand their own knowledge is something important to both cardiologists.

Niagara Health provides a multitude of resources and events, such as the upcoming Cardiology Day, to support physicians’ continuous learning.

Cardiology Day is an opportunity to connect specialists with primary care providers in the community, many of whom refer their own patients to Niagara Health for cardiac care. This year’s event, which takes place on February 21, will provide a succinct update on a variety of cardiology topics including cardiac amyloidosis, valvular disease, calcium scores and more.

“By attending events like Cardiology Day, not only are we able to connect with primary care providers, but we are also able to learn new things about other fields within cardiology,” says Dr. Tan.

Both Dr. Tan and Dr. Chan will have an opportunity to present to their colleagues at this year’s event. 

“I will be presenting on a heart failure topic called cardiac amyloidosis,” says Dr. Chan. “It is a rare condition, but is likely underdiagnosed and not as rare as we think. My presentation will hopefully help physicians identify this condition earlier so they can be treated.”

Dr. Tan’s presentation will focus on highlighting the most impactful cardiology research published over the past year.

“The opportunity to disseminate new research improves how quickly the results can be incorporated into routine practice,” says Dr. Tan. “This impacts patient care positively at the community level.”

In addition to attending conferences and educational events like Cardiology Day, Niagara Health has a robust series of educational events for physicians with many departments hosting educational rounds and journal clubs. 

“In the Cardiac Care program, we run a monthly journal club. The Department of Medicine also offers sessions on a broad variety of topics as well. The cardiology field is very rich in research and education with ever-improving therapies for cardiac disease,” says Dr. Tan. “It feels satisfying to be able to provide the best care possible for patients and also belong to a hospital community that is always looking to improve itself.”

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