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Niagara Health Knowledge Institute launches research scholarships with Brock University, Niagara College

Posted Mar 11th, 2024

Michelle McGinn, Sinead McElhone and Dr. Jennifer Tsang

From left: Michelle McGinn, Brock University's Vice-President of Research, Sinead McElhone, Niagara College Dean of Health Sciences, and Dr. Jennifer Tsang, NHKI Executive Director and Chief Scientist. NHKI, Brock and Niagara College have partnered to offer summer student research scholarships. 

Two Niagara post-secondary students will spend their summers advancing critical healthcare research that could change standards of practice, thanks to unique partnerships between the Niagara Health Knowledge Institute (NHKI), Brock University and Niagara College.

NHKI has partnered with both educational institutions to co-fund two new scholarships, worth $10,000 each, to enable a Brock and Niagara College undergraduate student enrolled in a health-related program to participate in research-focused placements at the NHKI for 12 weeks between May and August.

“The goal of the NHKI-Brock University Summer Student Research Scholarship and the NHKI-Niagara College Summer Student Research Scholarship is to support the retention of high-potential students in Niagara,” says Dr. Jennifer Tsang, NHKI Executive Director and Chief Scientist, and Niagara Health Intensivist. “These partnerships will expose students to a vibrant and prolific research environment committed to advancing patient care and treatment locally and beyond. In the process, they’ll develop valuable research skills and new networks within a community hospital research setting to carry forward in their careers while contributing to the growth of the NHKI.”

Scholarship recipients will work alongside an NHKI researcher to contribute to an existing research project. They will assist with data collection, entry, validation and analysis, abstract writing, and presenting study findings or updates.

“We’re very excited to co-fund the Niagara Health Knowledge Institute - Brock University Summer Student Research Scholarship,” says Brock University Acting Vice-President, Research Michelle McGinn. “We value our long-running, fruitful partnership with Niagara Health and share their passion for developing students’ research skills and networks in a real-world setting.”

“Niagara College is committed to providing highly skilled, knowledgeable graduates for front-line healthcare positions that are in high demand,” says Sinéad McElhone, Niagara College Dean of Health Sciences. “Research is a foundational pillar of higher education, and it adds tremendous value to the educational experience of our students. This unique opportunity will offer a Niagara College student the chance to work with a team of research scientists at the Niagara Health Knowledge Institute and explore key health issues, giving them a distinct advantage as they look ahead to a career in healthcare.”

NHKI participates in research and multi-centre clinical trials in cardiology, critical care medicine, emergency medicine, hematology and transfusion medicine, neurology, oncology and thrombosis with a commitment to improving the quality of patient care. The Knowledge Institute was launched in May 2023 with a $4-million donation from the McCall MacBain Foundation.

The Summer Student Research Scholarships will continue to be awarded annually, with NHKI and the partner institutions contributing $5,000 each to their respective student awards.

“Community partnerships are essential to the work we do at Niagara Health,” says Lynn Guerriero, Niagara Health President and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re thrilled to count Brock University and Niagara College as partners in a collective journey toward knowledge generation that will improve the quality of care for our patients, and help us to recruit and retain talented healthcare professionals.”

Students have until Thursday, March 28 to apply online for the NHKI-Brock University Summer Student Research Scholarship or the NHKI-Niagara College Summer Student Research Scholarship. More information, including application requirements and instructions, are available on the Niagara Health website. 

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