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Take Five with Dr. Mohan

Posted Mar 22nd, 2024

Take Five is a series of stories celebrating our team of more than 600 talented and caring physicians and the journey that brought them to Niagara Health. 

Gynecologist Dr. Uthra Mohan is one of the founding members of Niagara Health’s Ambulatory Procedures Unit, Gynecology Clinic.

Dr. Uthra Mohan considers it a privilege to be part of a family's most life-changing moments.

Whether it’s welcoming a baby or caring for a patient with endometrial cancer, the obstetrics and gynecology physician takes pride in her ability to help people through the entire spectrum of life. 

“I always felt naturally drawn to the one-on-one care and was always in awe of those who had the skill to help others,” she says. 

While attending medical school at the University of Toronto, Dr. Mohan initially thought about pursuing her studies in public health. It wasn’t until after getting involved in an interesting research project that involved genetics, pathology, neonatology, and radiology, that she realized the field of obstetrics and gynecology was the perfect specialty to combine her interests. 

During her residency in Calgary, Dr. Mohan honed her skills and expertise in gynecology, but her heart longed to return to Ontario to be closer to her family.  

Serendipity struck when she met Niagara Health’s former chief of staff, Dr. Johan Viljoen, who shared with her the untapped potential at Niagara Health to implement cutting-edge standards of care and innovative models.  

Little did she know that this conversation would ignite the spark that would lead to the development of Niagara Health’s future Ambulatory Procedures Unit (APU), Gynecology Clinic. 

The Gynecology Clinic, which celebrated its second anniversary earlier this month, is an innovative clinic where gynecologists who are trained in sedation perform minor gynecologic procedures. In this setting, physicians perform both sedation and surgical care, alleviating the pressures on operating rooms (OR) for patients whose surgical procedures require that level of care.

“We see about 10 patients each week,” says Dr. Mohan. “What’s great about this model is that the gynecologists who work in the program can provide care to any patient, regardless of whether they are registered with them or not.”  

This process ensures that patients do not have to wait for a procedure date with their registered gynecologist and can receive timely access to care.   

“Patients in need of gynecological procedures can expect similar experiences regardless of who they see in a consult versus who does their procedure,” she says.  

Patients who may feel nervous about an upcoming procedure can rest assured they will be comfortable while in the procedural room and when they return home.  

“We use mild to moderate sedation for these procedures which helps patients return to their routine much quicker than if they were to have a general anesthetic.”  

The Gynecology Clinic has garnered attention and recognition beyond our hospital walls. The clinic has served as a model for other health systems seeking to establish efficient APUs in community hospitals.

“We constantly monitor patient feedback, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive from both patients, providers and our care team,” says Dr. Mohan.  

"It is very meaningful that we are supported and encouraged by Niagara Health to develop better services for woman`s health, as this is an area that is often underserviced,” says Dr. Karen Macmillan, Chief, Obstetrics and Gynecology. “The acknowledgement of this important area of medical focus allows our department to continue to grow and provide better treatment for our community.” 

Dr. Mohan is proud to be a part of a healthcare system dedicated to providing responsive care to patients.  

Physician’s working in the APU Gynecology Clinic perform both sedation and surgical care, ensuring that patients receive timely access to care.

From left (Back row): Jenifer Krah, Resource Nurse; Dr. James Wang, Physician; Dr. Melissa Machado, Physician; Dr. Erin Sloan, Physician; Dr. Karen Macmillan, Chief, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Dr. Femi Olufowobi, Physician and Jodi Thorimbert, Registered Nurse. (Middle row): Dr. Uthra Mohan, Physician and Emily Griffiths, South Western Ontario Territory Manager, Hologic Inc. (Front Row): Dr. Sabrina Youash, Physician and Dr. Katrina Zefkic, Physician. (Not pictured): Dr. Nadiya Goswami, Physician; Dr. Elise Dalton, Physician; Oksana Bewsher, Clinical Manager; Jennifer Lemay, Clinical Manager; Marnie Baergen, Registered Practical Nurse and Dr. Emily Baker, Physician.

“I am happy to be part of a system that is willing to implement innovative ways to provide care,” she says. “The efforts of this team serve as a motivator to continue to find innovative, collaborative approaches to providing care.”  

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