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Take Five with Dr. Blewett

Posted May 21st, 2024

Take Five is a series of stories celebrating our team of more than 600 talented and caring physicians and the journey that brought them to Niagara Health. 

Dr. Christopher Blewett dedicates his time to improving surgical safety through quality improvement and knowledge sharing.

Dr. Christopher Blewett finds solace in his ability to solve problems hands-on.

It’s a trait that initially drew the physician to a career in medicine and one that he’s come to master in his 22 years as a surgeon at Niagara Health.

“There’s a concreteness to surgery that I always found myself drawn to,” he says. “The idea of having the skills and ability to fix someone’s medical issue with my own two hands is an incredible feeling.”

Having completed medical school at Western University, Dr. Blewett credits his family, colleagues and the hospital itself for his move to Niagara.

For over two decades, Dr. Blewett has served the Niagara community as a general and thoracic surgeon, touching the lives of countless patients. Today, in the later stages of his career, he has embraced a new role as a surgical assistant, providing support and guidance to his colleagues in the operating room.

However, this change should not be misconstrued as a step back. Instead, he says it has allowed him to dedicate his time and expertise in a new capacity as Niagara Health’s surgeon champion, a position bestowed upon him thanks to his exceptional work with the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP). The program helps improve patient care by addressing critical components of surgical care, evaluation and improvement.

As the surgeon champion, Dr. Blewett acts as a liaison between surgeons and the program’s administration, lending his expertise to continuous quality improvement.

Recently, Niagara Health was awarded “Meritorious” status for the programs work in implementing best surgical practices. This accomplishment speaks to Niagara Health’s commitment to improving safety and providing patients with the highest standard of care.

“By continually striving to enhance our practices and standards, we ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care possible, setting a benchmark for healthcare excellence,” says Dr. Blewett.

Beyond the walls of the operating room, Dr. Blewett’s impact extends to the mentorship and guidance he provides to medical students.

Niagara Health is fortunate to house a surgical residency program through McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine for new physicians choosing to peruse a surgical specialty. The program provides hands-on education and opportunities for knowledge sharing for future physicians.

Dr. Blewett finds it rewarding to invest his time and knowledge in the next generation of surgeons. Through answering their questions and sharing his experiences, he plays an instrumental role in their medical education.

“Being a doctor is not limited to healing patients,” he says. “It also involved imparting knowledge and nurturing future healthcare providers who will continue to care for others.”

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