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Three-Site Hospital System Community Engagement comes to an end… for now

Posted Jun 14th, 2024

Three-Site Hospital System Community Engagement comes to an end… for now

Last week, we completed the last of our 11 community engagement sessions hosted across Niagara to provide information and updates on our future vision for a three-site hospital system.

We have been overwhelmed by the support, passion and dedication shown by residents across our region and are grateful for their participation and insights as we move forward with our plans for a three-site hospital system in Niagara.

“As we move forward towards our future vision, it is important to emphasize that this is an ongoing conversation,” says Lynn Guerriero, President and CEO. “The transition to our three-site hospital system in 2028 will bring substantial changes, and we are steadfast in our commitment to keeping our community informed.”

Our discussions across Niagara touched upon various critical topics, including Emergency Department wait times, ongoing shortages of healthcare professionals and the seamless delivery of care across our three hospital sites. We’ve observed diverse viewpoints and concerns within our communities; however, a common thread emerged – the shared desire to find solutions to the challenges facing our healthcare system.

The changing healthcare landscape around us demands that we change to better serve patients and their families. The development of the South Niagara Hospital, with its expanded Emergency Department, will allow us to better accommodate patient volumes and improve the efficiency of emergency services.

“Concentrating our hospital resources at three cornerstone hospitals will allow us to focus our expertise and resources to deliver care that meets the healthcare needs of our community,” says Heather Paterson, Executive Vice-President, Clinical Operations. “However, high-quality healthcare is not based on any one thing – like a physical building. Now more than ever, quality care relies on partnerships.”

The Welland Hospital is, and will continue to be, a critical part of Niagara Health’s plan to transform care. With a redeveloped Welland Hospital, patients will be able to access their care and emergency services in a renovated space that's new and modern. The hospital itself cannot provide everything, but with help from our partners and input from the community, the redevelopment of the site could include services such as a family health team, nutrition classes, an academic or teaching campus and so much more.

Moving forward, our next steps will include further engagement on the Welland Hospital redevelopment project, offering opportunities for people to stay informed and engaged as we reimagine what the future of this cornerstone, campus of care, site will look like.

We will also continue to advocate alongside municipalities for improved primary care and community care services. We know that comprehensive, team-based primary care is the foundation of a healthy community and will be working closely with our partners to ensure that primary care services are easily accessible and fully integrated into our healthcare system.

We want to extend our gratitude to all residents who participated in our community engagement sessions. The insights shared have been invaluable.

Together, we are shaping the future of hospital care in Niagara.

To learn more, visit our webpage ‘Our Future’ for updates on upcoming engagement activities. Here there is also information about the three-site model, including answers to questions from the communities we visited. Anyone with questions or comments can reach out to us at

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