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Patient Family Advisory Council

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The Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is working together to embed the patient voice and improve the patient experience.

The Walker Family Patient Family Advisory Council is designed to assist, facilitate, encourage, and collaborate in meeting the vision of the Walker Family Cancer Centre. Members include current and past patients, caregivers, and family members, WFCC staff, and appointed advisors. We are working together to provide the opportunity for the patient voice in planning, decision-making, and the growth of the Centre.

Our Foundation

Our work as advisors to the WFCC leadership team is based on eight themes: Communication, Support, Coordination of Care, Transitions/Continuity of Care, Roles and Relationships, Advocacy, Volunteers

What PFAC members do

  • Serve as an advisory resource
  • Promote improved relationships between patients, families, and staff
  • Provide a vehicle for communication between patients, families, and staff
  • Provide input into development of process and programming
  • Offer recommendations to the WFCC leadership team
  • Actively participate in the development of new facilities and programs
  • Channel information, patient needs, and concerns to staff
  • Help implement changes and collaborate with staff and other members

Expectations of members

PFAC members are expected to:

  • Listen well and respect others
  • Share insights about their experiences from which others can learn
  • See beyond their personal experiences
  • Show concern for more than one issue
  • Speak comfortably in a group
  • Interact well with different kinds of people
  • Attend monthly meetings, or as needed


  • Development of a governing committee and working groups
  • Peer Support, specially trained volunteers with experience as a patient or caregiver that provide direct, custom support
  • Orientation, a detailed class outlining each step of the WFCC experience
  • Patient Education binder ongoing updates
  • Wheelchair pads exclusively used for improving comfort for cancer patients
  • Support for Arts in Medicine, offering creative experiences for patients and families


"Never doubt that one person can make a difference." -Ingrid Newkirk


Are you interested in improving the patient experience?

If you or a family member have received care at the Walker Family Cancer Centre, are 18 years of age or older, and have a willingness to work alongside others to enhance the future of cancer care at Niagara Health, we want to hear from you!

Your patient and family perspectives are valued and may help inform future planning at the WFCC

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