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Privacy & Policies

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Information about patient privacy and Niagara Health's patient-related policies.

Privacy at NIagara Health

Privacy & Policies


Dentures are easily lost if placed in a tissue, paper or on the bedside cabinet. Should you remove your dentures, be sure to ask the nurse for a denture cup.

Electrical Appliances

For safety reasons, we must restrict the use of privately-owned electrical appliances. If you are bringing items such as hair dryers, curling irons, or electrical shavers, they must be checked and safety certified by our Engineering Department prior to use. Please discuss this with your nurse.

Fire Alarm

Hospital staff members are trained in fire safety and evacuation procedures. In the event of a fire alarm, stay in your room with the door closed and await their instructions. Please follow their instructions carefully. Do not use the elevators until the ‘All Clear‘ announcement has been made over the Public Address System.

Latex Balloon Ban

Latex balloons may cause an allergic reaction in patients and hospital staff. Please inform your well-wishers that they cannot bring latex balloons into the hospital. Mylar balloons are permitted.

Lost & Found

Please send your valuables home with a relative or friend. If you cannot do so, cash and valuables will be placed in a locked cabinet for safekeeping until you are discharged.

Please check that you have all of your personal belongings with you before being discharged from the hospital. If you leave anything behind, immediately contact the unit where you were staying. Call the main number at 905-378-4647 and ask to be put through to the unit.

Photography and Videotaping

As a public hospital, Niagara Health is responsible for protecting the privacy of all patients, visitors, staff, physicians and volunteers.

The use of audio or video recording devices and the taking of photographs are not permitted on Niagara Health premises without the advance consent of the individuals in question.

Family and friends often bring mobile devices containing built-in cameras with them into the hospital while visiting patients. It is not practical to forbid the carrying of such devices. However, our staff, physicians and volunteers are obliged to remind patients and visitors that taking photographs, videotaping, etc., without the advance consent of the individuals in question is not permitted.

Please talk to a member of our care team or call our Security Manager at 905-378-4647, ext. 44303, if you have questions.

Scent Free Policy

Fragrances can make people sick. Staff, patients and visitors are requested to avoid wearing perfume, aftershave and other scented products when they come to Niagara Health. No strongly scented flowers, please.

Security and Surveillance

Hospital premises and parking at Niagara Health sites are monitored by electronic surveillance equipment for the protection and safety of our patients, staff and visitors.  

Smoke Free Hospital Properties

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on hospital property (indoors and outdoors) in accordance with the Smoke-free Ontario Act and Niagara Health’s workplace policy. This includes the exterior grounds, parking lots and vehicles. Vaping, using electronic cigarette products and smoking medical cannabis are also not allowed.

Niagara Health is committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for patients, visitors, staff, physicians and volunteers and has a responsibility to ensure compliance under the Smoke-free Ontario Act.

We have several resources available to support you to quit smoking such as counselling and nicotine replacement therapy (patches) that can be requested through community resources. Please speak to your nurse or doctor for more information.


For your security, safety and well being, the hospital prohibits any sales solicitations to patients. If the event that you are approached by a sales agent while in hospital, please notify staff on your patient care unit who will immediately contact Security.

Staff Identification

Hospital staff can be identified by their photo badge worn while on duty. Staff who provide direct patient care also wear uniforms.

Telephones & Televisions

St. Catharines Site:

Bedside entertainment units in each patient room feature telephone, TV, Internet, Skype and other options. Please ask a member of your healthcare team for information on these services.

Douglas, Greater Niagara General, Port Colborne, Welland Sites:

A telephone providing free local calling is located at most patient bedsides. Long distance calls can be made using a pre-paid calling card which would need to be purchased outside of the hospital. Pay phones are also available throughout the hospital.

Please ask a member of your healthcare team for information on television service in your room.

Patient Privacy

Your Health Information and Your Privacy at Niagara Health

At Niagara Health, we treat your personal health information with respect and sensitivity and do so in accordance with the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA, 2004) and all other applicable legislation.

The people at Niagara Health who provide and support your care are allowed to see your health information. This group includes doctors, nurses, technicians, therapists, and other health professionals who provide care and treatment. Students may also work with your health care team under the guidance of qualified teachers.

More Privacy & Confidentiality Information

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