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Rafi Setrak

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Dr. Rafi Setrak

Dr. Rafi Setrak is the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Niagara Health.

Since 2007, Dr. Setrak has been an Emergency Department physician at Niagara Health and was the previous Site Chief of Emergency Medicine at the St. Catharines Site.

Dr. Setrak is a graduate of the Al-Nahrain University in Iraq. After a career as a rural physician, he pursued Emergency Medicine training at McMaster University and received leadership training at York University. He is currently the McMaster University Academic Lead at Niagara Health. Dr. Setrak has a passion for approaching challenges with excitement and wonder. Dr. Setrak was inspired to work in medicine by his mentors. He is passionate about sparking systemic change and his dedication to emergency medicine was inspired by the field’s high intensity and critical patient care.

Outside of work, Dr. Setrak enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Rafi Setrak


1200 Fourth Avenue
St. Catharines, ON L2S 0A9
Phone: 905-378-4647

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