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Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program (PDAP)

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Niagara Health’s Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program at the St. Catharines Site is modeled on Cancer Care Ontario’s Diagnostic Assessment organizational standards.

The Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program (PDAP) is designed to improve quality of care and decrease wait times for people who may have prostate cancer. This program improves quality of care by following evidence-based diagnostic protocols and streamlines coordination of care. Communication between patients, families and their healthcare providers is enhanced and wait times for test results and consultation are reduced, helping to lessen the worry that comes with waiting.

As a patient of PDAP you will have a multidisciplinary visit where you will meet with experts who treat prostate cancer including a Urologist and Radiation Oncologist. Together you will discuss the most up-to-date treatment options and decide on the best treatment plan for you. This partnership between Urology and Oncology demonstrates the importance of bringing different expertise together in order to provide you with the best possible care.

All people who are diagnosed with prostate cancer will have access to educational resources which are also available to their family members if they wish. Additionally there is the option of support from the Niagara Prostate Cancer Support Group.

To contact the clinic

Call 905-378-4647, ext. 49144.

The PDAP Nurse can be reached at ext. 49145

PDAP Referral Form

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