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Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Treatment Program

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The Sexual Assault Domestic Violence (SADV) treatment program is dedicated to providing care to individuals throughout the Niagara Region who have been impacted by sexual and/or intimate partner violence.  We recognize the courage it takes to reach out for help, and our program is committed to supporting individuals with a compassionate and respectful approach.

What We Do

Our team provides free, confidential, and specialized care to individuals who have experienced a recent sexual assault or are victims of intimate partner abuse.  The team consists of nurses for immediate care following an assault/abuse and social workers that provide short-term trauma counselling.

Services We Offer

Medical Treatment

Our team provides care that is directed by you.  If you wish to receive medical treatment from our program, we strongly encourage you to present to any Niagara Health emergency department or urgent care centre as soon as possible.  Any injuries requiring medical attention will first be treated by the emergency department/urgent care centre staff, and then the on-call SADV nurse will be contacted to provide additional treatment. 

Certain treatment options are available to you within 12 days of the assault/abuse.  You can choose any or all of the following:

  • Examination, assessment, treatment, and documentation of injuries
  • Pregnancy testing and pregnancy prevention (e.g., morning after pill)
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) (e.g., Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, Hepatitis B)
  • Risk assessment and safety planning
  • Referral to community agencies for additional support
  • Follow-up care that checks on your wellbeing, informs you of any test results/repeat tests if required, follow-up on HIV prophylaxis, etc.

Forensic Evidence Collection

If you wish to pursue legal action, a Sexual Assault Examination Kit can be completed.  The kit is the collection of evidence from your body and clothing worn during or immediately after the assault.  This evidence can only be collected if the assault occurred within the last 12 days (or within the last 72 hours if you are under 13 years of age). You should not shower, bathe, urinate, or change clothes since evidence may be lost.  In cases of intimate partner violence, photographs and body diagrams can be used to document injuries.  If your clothing is damaged it can be saved as evidence.  Our nurses may also complete a risk assessment and safety planning, as well as provide referrals to community resources. 

If the assault/abuse occurred more than 12 days ago

If assault/abuse occurred more than 12 days ago, we strongly encourage you to seek medical attention from a Sexual Health Clinic or your family physician for testing and treatment of STIs. You can also call our centre during daytime hours to speak with one of our nurses to inquire about your options.  You still have the option to report the incident to police even if the assault/abuse took place more than 12 days ago.


Our program offers short-term trauma counselling to recent victims (within 2 years of the assault/abuse) of sexual violence or intimate partner violence to individuals 16 years of age and older.  One of our social workers is available to answer questions and/or determine your eligibility for our counselling services every Wednesday morning between 9 am-12 pm. They can be reached at 905-378-4647 extension 45300.

Additional Information

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There are 37 treatment centres across Ontario dedicated to providing comprehensive, trauma-specific care and treatment to victims/survivors of sexual and domestic violence. For more information on the Ontario Network, call the 24/7 Navigation Line: 1-855-NAV-SADV (628-7238).

Contact Information

For immediate medical care at any time, please present to one of Niagara Health’s emergency departments or urgent care centres. Learn more about Niagara Health’s Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centres locations.

During business hours our program can be reached directly at: 905-378-4647 extension 45300

Learn more about SADV services across Ontario.

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