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Therapeutic Recreation

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Therapeutic Recreation facilitates the development, maintenance and expression of an appropriate leisure lifestyle for individuals with physical, cognitive, social, spiritual or emotional limitations as well as to assist individuals to identify and eliminate their personal barriers to leisure.

As members of the interprofessional health team Recreation Therapists work on in-patient mental health, out-patient mental health and complex continuing care units across all Niagara Health sites. Recreation Therapists offer a variety of therapeutic groups and programs that provide numerous benefits to patients.

Benefits include:

Increase self-awareness


Improve coping behaviours  

Stress reduction

Develop communication skill

Awareness of leisure opportunities

Opportunity for social interaction

Enhance cognitive function

Lifestyle change

Personal growth


Types of Groups/Programs Offered:



Expressive Arts

Gym and Fitness

Sensory Stimulation

Baking Programs

Leisure Education

Wellness Groups

Cognitive Games

Spiritual Programs


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