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Volunteer Resources - Frequently Asked Questions

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Niagara Health Volunteers

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
16 years of age or older, within the calendar year of application.

Why is medical testing necessary to volunteer?
According to the OHA (Ontario Hospital Association) all persons carrying out activities in the hospital must comply with the required medical testing. This includes a two-step tuberculosis (TB) test provided by your doctor or walk-in clinic as well as proof of immunizations to measles, mumps, rubella and varicella.  Proof can include blood work showing immunity to these diseases or proof that the vaccinations were given. Varicella requires two doses of vaccination for clearance. Vaccines are a requirement of being a volunteer, unless you have an exemption based on medical or on a ground pursuant to the Ontario Human Rights Code.

How will I know my application form has been received?
You will receive an automatic email message back from us when you submit your application online. This will ensure you that we have received it.

How does the selection process work?
We look for volunteers who demonstrate qualities that meet our organizations Purpose, Vision and CORE Values from previous experiences and possess a desire to help. We select applicants based on these qualities combined with their availability and skills. Should you possess these qualities and have the availability to fill one of our vacancies then we want you.

How long does it take before I can start volunteering?
The entire process varies from person to person depending on status of immunizations and availability. Our statistics show the average time is between six to eight weeks before you start in your assigned position.

What is the minimum number of hours a volunteer needs to commit to?
A volunteer needs to commit for a minimum of 1 year and/or a minimum of 60 hours of service.  A volunteer placement will exceed 40 hours and we do not offer short-term volunteer placements.

Can I sign up for more than one shift per week?
We assign new volunteers one shift per week for the first year. Upon completion of the year you can contact your coordinator to discuss additional shifts.

Do I have to pay parking when I come to volunteer?
Volunteers receive complimentary parking while they are volunteering.

Can I change my position if I don’t feel comfortable?
Absolutely. Please let your coordinator know if you feel you require additional training or feel you are not comfortable in the position. We do our best to assign you to a volunteer position we feel will meet your needs for volunteering based on the information you provide us during the interview.

What if I go away in the winter/ summer?
Please let your coordinator know so we can ensure your shift is covered. We will try to accommodate you into the same shift upon your return if possible.

Is it possible for me to shadow a doctor or staff member during my placement?
Yes. Niagara Health does offer shadow shifts. Please contact Student Resources for more information.

I am Bilingual (English/French) does Niagara Health consider this as an asset?
Absolutely. At Niagara we adhere to the French Language Services Act and encourage potential volunteers to apply that are bilingual specifically for our Welland and Port Colborne sites as they have been identified as French Language community hospitals.

I am interested in a high-school co-op placement, where do I apply?
Speak to your high-school co-op teacher or guidance counsellor about applying through your respective school board office. Volunteer Resources provides a list and description of co-op placements throughout Niagara Health and interviews are scheduled through the co-op teacher only. Applications are accepted in early September and February.

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