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Addiction Recovery Services

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Addiction Recovery Services are offered across Niagara. The programs are members of Addictions Mental Health Ontario.

Contact information is provided under each addiction service listed below.

New Port Centre

The New Port Centre at our Port Colborne Site offers residential treatment and community support options to help people overcome substance use. The New Port Centre treatment culture is flexible, respectful and compassionate. We offer a range of services tailored to clients' needs at this 35-bed residential facility.

The Centre offers weekly intake and is open 365 days of the year.

Addiction recovery downloads:

Intake Form

Medical Profile Form

Adult Outpatient Mental Health Referral Form

Phone: 905-378-4647 ext. 32500 | Email: 

Withdrawal Management (detox)

Withdrawal Management Services (detox) is a 20-bed program; 12 beds for men’s withdrawal and eight beds for women’s withdrawal. The service is located at 264 Welland Ave. in St. Catharines and is open 24/7.

The services provided include telephone support, safe withdrawal management, supportive counselling and access and referrals to community services.

No referral is necessary; however, we recommend calling 905-682-7211 to ensure availability.

Rapid Access Addictions Medicine (RAAM) Clinic

Adult Outpatient Mental Health Referral Form

The RAAM (Rapid Access Addictions Medicine) Clinic is a clinic for people looking for help with substance use (alcohol and/or other drugs). This service provides assessments and treatment for substance use problems such as alcohol, opioids, cocaine, benzodiazepines and cannabis. Medications may be prescribed for substance use, withdrawal and craving. Referrals for counselling will be offered. Treatment or referrals for any co-occurring psychiatric problem will be provided as necessary.

For opioid use disorders, opioid agonist treatment with methadone and buprenorphine are available. Patients with chronic pain on opioids can be referred and assessed for presence of a possible opioid use disorder. However, if these patients do not have an opioid use disorder, they will not be seen on an ongoing basis and opioid prescriptions will not be provided.

Please have your family doctor complete a Rapid Access Addiction Medicine referral form and fax to 905-704-4420. For self-referrals or questions, please call 905-378-4647 ext. 49463. 

The Out and About Clinic

The Out and About Clinic, located at 264 Welland Ave. in St. Catharines, provides care to clients who have an opiate addiction with Methadone or Suboxone replacement therapy.

Multidisciplinary treatment is offered by a therapeutic team including a physician, nurse practitioner and general and addiction-specific counselling staff. The nurse practitioner is available to provide primary medical care to those clients who do not have a family doctor.

Access and referrals are available to all services of Niagara Health, including hepatitis care.
Phone: 289-479-5090

A Better Choice

A Better Choice program, located at 264 Welland Ave. in St. Catharines, provides intensive case management to pregnant and/or parenting women with substance use issues and their family units (ages 0 to 6 years).

Parenting skills training and health teaching, advocacy and referrals are also provided.

Phone: 905-378-1075

Fax: 905-687-9768


Niagara Eating Disorder Outpatient Program

The Niagara Eating Disorder Outpatient Program provides outpatient services for clients with eating disorders. Referrals are accepted from a primary care provider. 

Phone: 905-378-4647 ext. 32532

More information about the program is available here.

Hepatitis C Care Clinic

The Hepatitis C Care Clinic team provides hepatitis C education, testing, treatment and support, as well as outreach services throughout the Niagara region.

Phone: 905-378-4647 ext. 32552 

More information about the clinic is available here

Community partners

Niagara Health works with many mental health and addictions community partners. Learn more.

Methadone clinics are available at the following sites:

Port Colborne Site New Port Centre (260 Sugarloaf St.)
Phone: 905-378-4647 ext. 32542

Fort Erie Site (230 Bertie St.)
Phone: 905-378-4647 ext. 50102

St. Catharines (264 Welland Ave.)
Phone: 289-479-5090

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