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NHKI - Clinical Trial Programs

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Cardiology Research Program

The development of the cardiology research program was initiated in 2019 by Dr. Natalia Pinilla-Echeverri, the Cardiology Physician Lead, in collaboration with Principal Investors: Dr. Adnan Hameed and Dr. Michael Tsang. Since it’s inception, the cardiology research team has expanded to include a full-time Coordinator, part-time Administrative Research Assistant and over 20 additional collaborating Investigators across several departments at Niagara Health, has enrolled over 300 patients, and seen the completion of two research trials in addition to nine currently active trials. Conducting both investigator and industry-initiated trials, the mission statement of the program is to create collaborative bridges amongst provincial, national and international research centers and provide improved patient outcomes through access to public health strategies, medications, devices and cardiovascular treatments beyond the current standard of care.

The program also facilitates synergistic interactions amongst Investigators from diverse backgrounds in clinical and investigative sciences helping to establish and sustain a research program directed at understanding cardiovascular disease and developing effective prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

Dr. Natalia Pinilla-Echeverri
 Physician Lead

Jennifer Ferguson
Research Coordinator

Niagara Health System