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Chief Officers

Cliff HarveyCliff Harvey
Chief Planning Officer


Project Director, ICT Innovations and Partnership


Interim Director, Patient Care, Nursing Practice, Education


Kerry AbbottKerry Abbott
Administrator, Extended Care Unit, Interim Long-Term Care

Tracy GilbertTracy Gilbert
Director, Hospital Information System


Susan CubelicSusan Cubelic
Director, Pharmacy Services


Amir GillAmir Gill
Director, Engineering/Facilities and Biomedical, Security & Parking

Kara DigenisKara Digenis
Interim Director, Patient Care, Access and Flow, Critical Care, Stroke, Emergency

Lisa Harnett-ConnersLisa Harnett-Conners
Interim Director of Food Services


Jane Doan

Jane Doan
Director, Health Information Management, Patient Registration

Zeau IsmailZeau Ismail
Director, Interprofessional Practice, Ethics, Spiritual Care, Research Administration; Interim Ambulatory Services, GI and Endoscopy

Barb EvansBarb Evans
Director, Patient Care Mental Health & Addictions

Mary Jane JohnsonMary Jane Johnson
Director, Partnerships and Engagement


Laura FarrellyLaura Farrelly
St. Catharines Site - Interim Executive Lead and Chief Nursing Officer; Director, Patient Care; Surgical; Women, Babies and Children; Interim Emergency Program

Lori MacCullouchLori MacCullouch
Welland and Port Colborne sites - Director, Patient Care, Elder Care/Geriatric Assessment Program; Interim , Complex Care, Emergency, Medicine 

Tracy FazzariTracy Fazzari
Director, Patient Care, Oncology and Palliative Care


Laura MorrisonLaura Morrison
Niagara Falls and Fort Erie sites - Interim Executive Lead and Chief Nursing Officer; Director, Patient Care; Complex Care; Ambulatory; Surgical; Alternate Level of Care; Kidney Care; Diabetes

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