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Emergency and Mental Health Services

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Emergency Mental Health Services

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)

The Psychiatric Emergency Service is a dedicated four-bed unit in the Emergency Department at the St. Catharines Site. The PES team provides crisis management, psychiatric assessment and treatment to people presenting with an emergency. Individuals are either discharged from PES or admitted to one of our Acute Inpatient Mental Health units.

PES supports mental health and addictions care in the Emergency Departments at the Niagara Falls and Welland sites through the use of video conferencing.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (SADV)

The Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence team provides confidential and individualized treatment to people who have experienced a sexual assault or are victims of intimate partner abuse. The team consists of nursing for the immediate emergency care following an assault and the social work team who provide trauma counselling. Click here for more information about SADV services across the province.

Inpatient Mental Health Services

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

The PICU provides a higher level of observation and care for patients who require more intensive care. The unit balances safety, low-stimulation and therapeutic approaches to care for individuals with a higher level of need.

Patients may be discharged directly from PICU with follow-up in the community or in the Outpatient Program at the hospital. Some patients may require a longer length of stay in one of our Acute Inpatient Mental Health units.

Units1B and 1M at the St. Catharines Site

These units provide 24-hour psychiatric assessment, short-term treatment and stabilization for adults who cannot be fully treated on an outpatient basis. Most admissions occur through the Emergency Department. The typical length of stay on an acute unit is approximately 7 to 10 days, and patients may be referred for a longer stay depending on their unique situation or may be discharged with follow-up plans either in the community or in the Outpatient Program at the hospital.

Unit 1A

This unit provides more specialized care for patients requiring a longer period of care. The focus is on assisting individuals to improve functional abilities while their treatment plan is being further supported to promote continued wellness after discharge. Follow-up care is organized in the community or at the hospital, based on individual needs.

Consultation Liaison (CL) Service

The CL Service provides mental health and addictions consultation to medical, surgical and critical care areas across Niagara Health. Individuals are provided with follow-up care, which may include discharge to the community with initiation of referrals or admission to inpatient mental health when medical issues are stabilized.


Outpatient Mental Health Services

Niagara Health offers outpatient mental health services at the Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Welland sites. Typically, outpatient services are for individuals needing short- and longer-term assessment, treatment and support. Referrals come from community health care providers, family physicians, the Emergency Department or from inpatient services.

Niagara Health is expanding our ability to provide services from a distance. Virtual care will be a bigger part of our services moving forward.

Niagara has an excellent system in place to provide virtual appointments. This includes, using Ontario Telemedicine Network to connect people through video with their healthcare providers, therapeutic groups and telephone supports - providing more prompt care and reducing the need for patients to travel. 

To ensure you are referring to the most appropriate program that best suits the needs of the client, please review the outpatient services provided below:

Community Partners

Niagara Health works with many mental health and addictions community partners...learn more.

Methadone Clinics Available At The Following Sites

Port Colborne New Port Centre
Phone: 905-378-4647 ext. 32542

Fort Erie Site
Phone: 905-378-4647 ext. 50102

St. Catharines (264 Welland Avenue)
Phone: 289-479-5090

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