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Niagara Health Partnerships

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Niagara Health has fostered a number of partnerships to help deliver healthcare to patients across the region.

Niagara Health is committed to meeting the changing needs of the diverse population of Niagara. Our patient, student, clinical, academic and community partnerships continue to help us identify opportunities to enhance our program and services, increase access to care, and improve patient and family experiences.

Niagara Health is one of 47 partners who comprise the Niagara Ontario Health Team - Équipe Santé Ontario Niagara. The partners are from a broad range of healthcare, community support sector and social services – which includes 80 Primary Care Physicians, as well as patients/clients, families and caregivers. Partners work together as one team to create a coordinated approach to care that makes it easier for patient to access services, creating seamless transitions between providers, and improve the patient’s experience and health outcomes.

Feature Partner

Partners in Patient Care

Niagara Health relies on its partners in patient care to help identify service needs in the community and ensure the voices of patients and families are included across all programs and services.

Partners in Research and Education

Niagara Health offers a variety of educational opportunities including internships and clinical placements. The I-EQUIP program is an extension of the classroom, providing an opportunity for students and front-line staff to work together on a variety of quality initiatives that improve patient care. Niagara Health’s Research Office conducts research that informs care, inspires innovation and create environments of collaborative learning.

Partners in Community Services

By working more closely with family doctors and other healthcare partners, we are supporting people to manage their conditions in community settings, including in their homes. Strengthening care in community settings will avoid unnecessary hospital visits and ensure hospital services are appropriately directed to those who need this higher level of care. We are empowering our community to access the right level of care, at the right time, and at the right place.

Community Partners

Indigenous Committee
The South Niagara Project has partnered with members of the Indigenous community to co-create an Indigenous Committee to support the planning and design of the South Niagara Site. The Committee is comprised of representation from:

Partners in Building Community Support

Niagara Health is fortunate to have the support of a generous community. The hospital’s Foundation and dedicated volunteers, work to enhance that support, ensuring that our community can have access to the newest medical equipment, the best facilities, and most cutting-edge research.

Provincial Support

Niagara Health receives its funding from the Province of Ontario. Niagara Health is part of Ontario Health West – formally known at the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN.

Provincial and Regional Partnerships

  • AdvantAge Ontario: NH is a member of AdvantAge Ontario focused on advocacy, education and improving the quality and care of seniors.
  • Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO): NH works with CCSO to implement improvement initiatives and system innovation in Ontario's Critical Care system.
  • Fort Erie Community Health Care Services Committee: NH is a member of committee, committed to ensuring Fort Erie residents have access to the healthcare services they need and high-quality care.
  • Long-Term Care Response and Recovery Advisory Committee Member
  • Ontario Health
  • Ontario Hospital Association
  • Ontario Telemedicine Network
  • Trillium Gift of Life Network
  • Partnering with St. Joseph’s Health System on clinical programming.
  • Supporting West Lincoln Memorial Hospital’s Obstetrics program
  • Niagara Region Economic Development – Online Business Directory
  • Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce Member – Government Affairs Council
  • South Niagara Chamber of Commerce Member

Pandemic Partnerships

  • Haldimand War Memorial Hospital: assist with surgical backlog
  • Inpatient COVID transfers for out of Region Patients (Toronto)
  • Long-Term Care Homes supported during COVID

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