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Patient Safety

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The Patient Safety section profiles a number of initiatives currently under way. This section will be ever-changing as we incorporate the latest best practices from Ontario and beyond.

Patient Safety - Falls Prevention at Niagara Health

How prepared is your community hospital for a chemical or biological community disaster? Check out the Being Prepared for CBRN Emergencies to learn more about the intense training initiatives underway for hospital staff.

Are you or your loved one at risk for an accidental fall, which could impact independence? The Falls Prevention section contains the risk factors and interventions to keep our patients mobile and safe.

Connecting our senior leaders with our professionals delivering bedside care and creating a culture of safety are the main goals in our Patient Safety Leadership Walkarounds. Frequent walkarounds through patient units create opportunities for improving safety and establish lines of communication about patient safety among employees, physicians, managers and executives.

Women have been delivering babies literally since human life began, but practices, based on the latest evidence, do change. A Managing Obstetrical Risks Effectively program is in place to ensure our Maternal/Child clinical teams are helping new life come into the world as safely as possible.

The Niagara Health’s Maternal Child Program is advancing patient safety with a Managing Obstetrical Risks program.

Ensuring hospital medications are delivered as safely as possible to patients is the driving factor in Pharmacy Automation at the Niagara Health.

If a major epidemic or pandemic occurs, your community hospital is a major player in caring for those ill, and for helping to ensure infections don’t spread. The Niagara Health Pandemic Plan is updated frequently with our many partners to ensure a community-based response is in place.

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