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Useful information about managing your symptoms, community programs and supports, and services available at the Walker Family Cancer Centre can be found here.

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  • Arts in Medicine

    What is Arts in Medicine (AiM)? The mission of the AiM program is to provide an innovative approach in enhancing the patient experience through creativity. AiM provides engaging, accessible, inclusive experiences outside conventional arts-based settings for patients, family members, and caregivers. These are designed to improve the patient experience. What is included? Workshops, art...
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  • Lymphedema Information and exercises

    The type of lymphedema that some cancer patients deal with is swelling in an arm or a leg because of damage to lymph glands. The information in the following pages will help you recover from surgery, know what the signs and symptoms of lymphedema are and prevent or reduce those signs and symptoms. Breast cancer surgery – an information booklet for men Breast cancer surgery – an infor...
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  • Symptom Management

    The following patient information pages contain tips for dealing with some side effects related to cancer and cancer treatment. Be sure to speak to your oncology team if these tips are not helping you or you have other new or worsening symptoms. Anxiety Constipation Depression Diarrhea Fatigue Fever Hair Loss Loss of Appetite Low Platelet Count L...
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  • Supportive Care

    Supportive Care services are available for patients and families diagnosed with cancer, going through treatment and after treatment for cancer. The Supportive Care team includes Social Work, Dietician, and Spiritual and Religious Services. Based on your needs, you may meet one or more members of the Supportive Care team. Social Work provides counselling for: Adjusting to a c...
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  • Survivorship Resources

    Survivorship is a strategic initiative that is a partnership between Walker Family Cancer Centre, Primary Care, Cancer Care Ontario, patients and their families. Walker Family Cancer Centre is committed to ensuring that patients and Primary Care Providers are well educated and feel supported during this time of transition of care. Below you will find resources that have been developed i...
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