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Patient and Family Resources

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Useful information about managing your symptoms, community programs and supports, and services available at the Walker Family Cancer Centre can be found here.

Helpful links/Additional Resources

Find online resources to support you and your loved ones through your cancer journey.

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Immunotherapy Patient Education

Learn about recognizing symptoms caused by immunotherapy.

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Safety at home while on chemotherapy

Patient information documents to help you and your family stay safe at home while you are receiving treatment.

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Transportation Resources

Find local transportation resources to help you get to and from your cancer care appointments in the Niagara Region.

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Chemotherapy Patient Education

Watch a video explaining how to manage symptoms related to chemotherapy and learn how to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

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Lymphedema Information and exercises

Information on how to help you recover from surgery, signs and symptoms and how to prevent/reduce lymphedema.

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Survivorship Patient Education

View resources to help patients who have completed cancer treatment including surgery, radiation therapy, and/or systemic therapy, and are entering the next phase of their cancer journey.

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