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Student and Trainee Placement Opportunities

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Academics at Niagara Health

Please note, Clinical Electives, Observational Job Shadows and Observerships are on-hold at this time.

If you are a medical student or resident looking for placement opportunities, please review the following options:

Clinical Electives

If you are a medical student looking to secure an elective placement in the Niagara area through McMaster, please visit the AMFC Student Portal.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian Medical Schools have agreed to a moratorium on domestic and international visiting electives for undergraduate medical trainees. As Niagara is a placement region for McMaster University, affiliated hospitals and clinics are not currently accepting visiting electives.

If you are a resident looking to secure a postgraduate elective at Niagara Health, please visit the Core and Visiting Electives at McMaster webpage for additional information.

If you require more information on elective placements in the Niagara area through McMaster, please see the following contacts:

Observational Job Shadows

An Observational Job Shadow is an opportunity for individuals to follow an NH team member to observe their role in the hospital. This educational experience may be appropriate for those looking to gain a general understanding of a certain role in the healthcare field. Job shadows are typically one or two days in duration and are strictly observational. 

For job shadowing requests and inquiries, please contact 

Note: Please allow four to six weeks for processing.


An Observership is appropriate for students wishing to learn more about a specific healthcare field and to learn more about the role of the healthcare provider in that field.

Eligible applicants include:

  • Practicing medical graduate with an MD or equivalent degree from a Canadian or international accredited university.
  • International medical graduates who have completed the Medical Council of Canada Exam Qualifying Exam (MCCQE) Part 1 and have been accepted to a residency position at NH.
  • International medical students in their final year of training.

Ineligible applicants include:

  • All Canadian medical students, and physician assistant students. Please see Clinical Electives above.
  • Any international medical student wishing an elective experience that includes evaluation and direct patient contact. Please see Clinical Electives above.
  • Please note each department may have additional restrictions and eligibility criteria beyond those listed.

For Medical Observerships, please contact Please note that four to six weeks are required for processing.

Note: Medical Observerships are not clinical placements and assessments/evaluations will not be provided to observers. For more information about clinical electives, please click here. For patient safety and legal reasons, observers are not permitted to conduct any form of direct or indirect patient care, whether going through charts or any direct patient contact.

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