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Research plays a vital role in healthcare by fostering specialized knowledge, skills and expertise. The Niagara Health Research Lead Office has a goal to be community leaders in health innovation and research.

The Research Lead Office was established in 2015 in collaboration with the Niagara Regional Campus of McMaster University's Michael G. Degroote School of Medicine to build a culture of research at Niagara Health. Lead by Niagara Health Research Lead and Intensivist Dr. Jennifer Tsang, the program is focused on promoting staff engagement and accessibility to research.

The Research Lead Office's mandate aligns with Niagara Health’s strategic plan through strengthening our research activities by using research to inform care, inspire innovation and create environments of collaborative learning an research. 

Research Lead Office Goals:

  • To build healthcare learners’ and professionals’ skills and confidence in conducting health research
  • To promote interprofessional collaboration in research
  • To establish research networks with partners in the community to improve integration of primary and acute health services
  • To improve health through knowledge translation

To work towards achieving these goals, the Research Engagement Program was developed, which encompasses the Research Coaching Program, as well as the Research Seminar Series.

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Contact Info

Niagara Health Research Office

1200 Fourth Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2S 0A9

Zuher “Zeau” Ismail, MBA, MSc, OT Reg (Ont), CRM, CHE

Director, Interprofessional Practice, Ethics & Research
W: 905-378-4647 x44655 I F: 905-684-1468

Maria Bailey, Administrative Assistant to:

Zeau Ismail, Director, Interprofessional Practice, Ethics & Research
Phone:  905-378-4647  Ext. 32304 | Fax: 905-684-1468

Jennifer LY Tsang, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Research Lead, Intensivist, Niagara Health,
Assistant Professor of Medicine, McMaster University
W: 905-378-4647 x42919 

Lori Richardson, Administrative Assistant  
W: 905-378-4647 x43876
F: 905-323-3878


Research at Niagara HealtlhOur Partners 

The Research Lead Office has built strong networks within our organization including with Senior Leadership, Quality and Patient Safety, Decision Support, Research and Ethics Board, Health Records and many clinical departments and units across Niagara Health.

We're also very proud to work closely with our community partners:

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  • Research Programs

    The Research Engagement Program targets learners and staff to build specific research skills, offering opportunities for research involvement. The Research Engagement Program encompasses the Research Coaching Program and the Research Seminar Series. The Research Coaching Program provides personalized guidance to healthcare learners and professionals to successfully undertake research projects that are collaborative, quality-focused and...
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  • Research Seminar Series

    The Research Seminar Series is developed to build research skills of healthcare learners and staff in a focused manner, targeting specific research areas in an hour-long interactive format. Seminars provide an open and welcoming environment for all learners and staff to gain insight into the research process, and bring their questions and ideas. Seminars are offered on a quarterly basis.  Recent Seminars: Scientific Research and Expe...
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  • Research News and Events

    Recent research events at Niagara Health Innovation through Research and Collaboration, September 2015 The first inaugural Niagara Health Research Retreat: Innovation through Research and Collaboration was a success. This retreat was held on September 23, 2015, with over 50 participants, representing leadership and front line staff from the Niagara Health, as well as leadership from surrounding healthcare and academic organizations....
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  • Research and Quality

    The Research Lead Office is committed to improving quality of patient care, health services efficiency and integration through efforts to build and support quality improvement initiatives and scholarly activities.  Facilitating a focus on quality, the Research Lead Office seeks opportunities where quality improvement and research may intersect.   Where do Quality Improvement and Research meet? The tested intervention involves devia...
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