Research at Niagara Health

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Research at Niagara Health

Research has a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of the people who live in our communities. 

Health research provides important information about disease trends and risk factors, outcomes of treatment, patterns of care, and healthcare costs and usage to name a few. This is what fuels us to do more. Our journey to become a community-based research and academic centre began several years ago. Niagara Health established a dedicated Research Office to strengthen our research and academic partnerships and set out to conduct research that would inform care, inspire innovation and create environments of collaborative learning.

With the help of partnerships and collaboration, we are becoming community leaders in health innovation and research. Have a look at our Research Office’s first Annual Report that highlights research activities conducted over the past year here

Research Day

We hosted our inaugural Research Day in November 2018. More than 100 researchers, students, academics and healthcare workers attended the event to learn about medical research being conducted in the region. 

Research Partnerships

Brock University and Niagara Health launched a new partnership in March 2019 that will increase opportunities to improve the overall health and wellbeing in our region and beyond. It will place a heightened focus on research that will help people stay healthy, improve both patient outcomes and the way healthcare is delivered, and create training and employment opportunities for Brock students and graduates.

Our Partners 

The Research Office has built strong networks within our organization that include departments such as Quality, Patient Safety & Risk, Decision Support, Health Records and many clinical departments and units across Niagara Health.

We're also very proud to work closely with our community partners:

Fostering Community Hospital Research

Two of our researchers recently published in the prestigious Canadian Medical Association Journal (September 3, 2019 issue) examined the impact of research activity in community health settings. Dr. Jennifer Tsang, Research Lead, Intensivist and Co-Director, Critical Care Research at Niagara Health, and Paige Gehrke, a Registered Nurse in our ICU at St. Catharines, were part of a team of clinicians who found that increased involvement in research could offer more capacity for national research, expedite knowledge translation, increase staff engagement, opportunities for continuing education and enhanced clinician career satisfaction, among many other benefits.

Examples of research at Niagara Health 

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Contact Info

Niagara Health Research Office

1200 Fourth Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2S 0A9

Zuher “Zeau” Ismail, MBA, MSc, OT Reg (Ont), CRM, CHE

Director, Interprofessional Practice, Ethics & Research
W: 905-378-4647 x44655 I F: 905-684-1468

Maria Bailey, Administrative Assistant to:

Zeau Ismail, Director, Interprofessional Practice, Ethics & Research
Phone:  905-378-4647  Ext. 32304 | Fax: 905-684-1468

Jennifer LY Tsang, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Research Lead, Intensivist, Niagara Health,
Assistant Professor of Medicine, McMaster University
W: 905-378-4647 x42919 



Research Office Goals:

  • To build healthcare learners’ and professionals’ skills and confidence in conducting health research
  • To promote interprofessional collaboration in research
  • To establish research networks with partners in the community to improve integration of primary and acute health services
  • To improve health through knowledge translation


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  • Process for Research Studies Conducted at Niagara Health

    Niagara Health ensures that all research is performed ethically, and in accordance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. Niagara Health has entered into a service agreement with the Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton to provide support to researchers entering into contracts to conduct research. Niagara Health has also centralized ethics re...
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  • Research Ethics Board

    Niagara Health ensures that all research is performed ethically, and in accordance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. Niagara Health has centralized ethics review for clinical research and clinical trials under the Hamilton integrated Research Ethics Board (HiREB). HiREB is also one of Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) qualified review boards....
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  • Research News and Events

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  • Research and Quality

    The Research Office is committed to improving quality of patient care, health services efficiency and integration through efforts to build and support quality improvement initiatives and scholarly activities.  Facilitating a focus on quality, the Research Office seeks opportunities where quality improvement and research may intersect.  Where do Quality Improvement (QI) and Research meet? ...
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