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Confidential Whistleblower Reporting System

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Niagara Health is committed to the highest standards of openness and transparency. The reporting of a potential wrongdoing relating to violations of hospital policies, ethical behaviour and/or business conduct related to the hospital is encouraged. 

Wrongdoings involving the hospital are defined as a suspicion based on reasonable grounds which include, but are not limited to:

  1. A violation of any law (ie. theft, embezzlement, fraud);
  2. Concerns relating to quality or malpractice of care, including abuse of patients by any party and/or negligence of patient care in violation of corporate policies;
  3. A significant violation of Niagara Health’s Codes of Conduct, rules, regulations or policies (e.g. Workplace Relations and Behaviour Policy);
  4. A gross waste of funds, misleading financial reporting and/or accounting irregularities, the falsification of records or abuse of expense accounts;
  5. Side deals” or “under the table” dealings with contractors for personal benefit, including receiving kickbacks, gifts or other benefits;
  6. A substantial mismanagement, intentional suppression, destruction or manipulation of information/documents regarding facts to suppress information about the above mentioned irregularities;
  7. Significant harm to hospital property, including disposal or destruction of dangerous goods or products and failing to report such disposal/destruction in accordance with legislation;
  8. An abuse of authority; and/or
  9. A substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

Niagara Health will acknowledge your communication within 10 (ten) business days of submitting this report to obtain additional information.  

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