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About the Hospital Information System

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Niagara Health is teaming up with Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre and Oracle Cerner to build a modern hospital information system that will better serve patients in the Niagara region.

Launching in September 2024, the new system will connect patients and healthcare providers with easy-to-access electronic health records that will help increase the accuracy and efficiency of care, reduce duplication and errors, and help improve health outcomes.

  • What is a hospital information system?

    A hospital information system is state-of-the-art technology that will support Niagara Health’s delivery of modern, world-class healthcare services. It will help us to replace paper-based records and outdated electronic processes with more modern, connected and accessible electronic health records.

    The system will enable better management of data, improved patient safety, faster access to information, enhanced quality and consistency of patient care, and more.

  • What platform will be used to build the new system?

    Niagara Health has signed a 10-year agreement with Oracle Cerner to build the modern hospital information system that will serve all five Niagara Health hospital sites and the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

    The new system will include digital solutions to manage information for inpatient and outpatient services, including acute care, surgical care, emergency and urgent care, complex care, mental health, cancer care and rehab. Niagara Health will implement Cerner technology, using the Cerner Canadian Reference Model, which will be based on Canadian best practices and interoperability standards.

  • Why does it matter to healthcare providers?

    Providing healthcare professionals with easy access to a patient’s medical record means they will be able to quickly retrieve information about a patient’s condition, allergies, medications, past visits and more. There won’t be time lost searching for paper charts, writing paper orders or deciphering handwriting. This means they will be able to spend more meaningful time with patients instead of having to spend time asking questions the patient has already answered or ordering repeat diagnostic tests because they can’t access the results.

    All care providers will have secure access to patient health records and will also receive alerts and clinical direction to support efficiency and optimize decision-making where it is appropriate. The intuitive solutions that will go into the new system will help to enhance user efficiency, productivity and satisfaction. Most importantly, the new system will be built by clinicians and will be customized to meet their specific needs and workflows used at Niagara Health.

  • Why does it matter to patients?

    Once the new hospital information system launches in fall 2024, patients will be empowered to be more involved in their care. They will be able to access their own electronic health records and, in some cases, will be able to communicate with their healthcare providers through secure messaging.

    Patients will be able to book or change appointments virtually, register or check in for their appointments, view clinical information, update their personal information, access reliable and trustworthy resources, and much more. 

  • Why is the logo a monarch butterfly?

    The project to build the new HIS was named "Monarch" after an internal contest where staff and physicians shared ideas for what to call the project and then had an opportunity to vote on their favourites.

    Monarch was the winner and represents the positive change and powerful transformation the new hospital information system will bring to Niagara Health and Hotel Dieu Shaver.

    Monarch butterflies are symbols of positive change and transformation. They represent strength, endurance, trust and are symbols for progress and growth. ​Just like the Monarch butterfly, we will grow and change together as we build a new system to renew the hospital and healthcare experience for patients in Niagara.​

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