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Hospital Information System - Frequently Asked Questions

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How will a new hospital information system benefit patient care? 

Our modern hospital information system will improve the experience for our staff, physicians and patients. With all of a patient's health information now in one location, care providers will be able to easily access and exchange patient information at the point of care in real time. This means information will be readily available for healthcare providers when they are making decisions. 

When patients come into the Emergency Department, their care team will be able to use the hospital information system to quickly find and access their medical records. The care team will be able to see the patient's health history, what medications they are taking, results from any diagnostic tests and more. 

Everyone, including the patient, will have access to the same information. This will make communicating across the care team and with the patient much easier and more efficient. 

What organizations are involved in the project to build the new hospital information system?

Niagara Health has partnered with Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre and Oracle Cerner to build the new system.

In September 2021, we started a formal Request for Proposals process to find the best vendor to support us through the project. Potential vendors were invited to submit proposals that outlined how they would help build our system. These proposals were evaluated by more than 40 clinical and non-clinical stakeholders from across Niagara Health and Hotel Dieu Shaver.  

The Request for Proposal from Oracle Cerner was evaluated and it was determined that it best met the requirements and the unique needs of Niagara Health and Hotel Dieu Shaver.

When will the new hospital information system be available? 

The new system is planned to go live in September 2024.

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