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Educational Placement

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Student ResourcesApplying for an Educational Placement at Niagara Health

Niagara Health welcomes all student educational placement inquiries. The formal request for an educational placement must be sent to Student Resources by your educational institution with the following information:

Information needed

  • School Name and Program Name
  • School program/placement coordinator name and contact information
  • Exact timeframe for placement
  • Desired placement area at Niagara Health
  • Educational Placement objectives

Pre-Placement Requirements and Training for Students

Prior to starting an educational placement with Niagara Health students must meet pre-placement requirements and complete applicable training to assist them to have a safe and successful experience.

Pre-Placement Requirements

Supporting Immunization and N95 Mask Fit Information

Workplace Safety Training

In Ontario, all unpaid students (secondary or post-secondary) are now considered "workers" under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This means that students must complete specific health and safety-related training before beginning their placement at Niagara Health. Some of the training will be general health and safety (e.g. WHMIS, Worker Health & Safety Awareness), while other training will be Niagara Health specific and designed to orient you to the safety program at Niagara Health.

Required Training/Learning Modules

Listed below are the required training/learning modules to be completed prior to the start of an educational placement at Niagara Health:

Required training/learning modules


Please note, if you have already completed any of the above training/learning modules for your school program you will not have to complete again however you will need to provide your school with applicable documentation so they can sign your Pre-Placement Checklist.


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