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Niagara Health is committed to building strong and successful relationships with the educational institutions which have a vital role in training the healthcare professionals of tomorrow.

The Student Resources Department at Niagara Health is part of the Practice and Education Portfolio and is responsible for facilitating student placements. A student placement is defined as an unpaid practical experience which is a requirement of a formal educational program and as such has the support and supervision of academic teaching staff. Some examples of training programs which require student placements are nursing programs, allied health programs (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, speech-language pathology, pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, etc.) as well as programs perhaps not traditionally associated with health care such as Public Relations, Human Resources and Computer Network Operations. For information about Medical school placements please contact the Niagara Health Clinical Teaching Program.

Student Placement Opportunities

Niagara Health welcomes all student placement inquiries. Depending upon the program requested, placements may be available at any of our sites in both clinical and non-clinical areas.

If you are interested in completing a student placement with Niagara Health, Student Resources welcomes your placement questions. However, please  note a confirmation of placement cannot be given at the time of inquiry. The formal request for placement will need to be sent to Student Resources by the placement coordinator of your school. Some factors which must be considered in the placement request are the ability of Niagara Health to meet a student’s learning objectives as well as the ability of the educational facility to meet all student placement requirements. It is for this reason that school placement coordinators need to be involved at the onset of the student placement process.

Once a placement opportunity has been identified the requirements for student placements are:

  1. A signed Educational Clinical Placement Agreement between Niagara Health and the educational facility specifying the roles and responsibilities of each during the student placement.
  2. Documentation indicating how Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage will be provided for the student during the placement.
  3. A school signed checklist verifying completion of pre-placement requirements.
  4. General Orientation which includes the signing of a Niagara Health Confidentiality Acknowledgement.

Student Placement Forms

Privacy & Confidentiality Acknowledgement

Students Communicable Disease Surveillance

Student Fit Testing


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