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Working at Niagara Health

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Niagara Health is a major provider of acute health care within the Niagara Region and is in close proximity of various academic institutions. 

Our integrated health services network is committed to innovation and the building of a healthier Niagara through the provision of equitable and timely patient-focused care.

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Niagara Health

  1. Niagara Health is committed to a diverse, respectful and inclusive workplace.
  2. With 5 sites and a wide variety of healthcare settings, Niagara Health offers choices, mobility and opportunity.
  3. Niagara Health is a learning organization, as evidenced through a variety of educational opportunities, including internships for employees looking to enhance their skills, and clinical externships for students during their schooling.
  4. Strong ties have been established with local colleges and universities.
  5. Offers competitive benefits, including formal mentorship programs.
  6. Niagara offers big city amenities, with small town appeal.
  7. The Niagara Region offers a high quality of life, highlighted by affordable housing, quaint winery tours, scenic bike paths and hiking trails, exceptional golf courses, a host of water activities and an exciting nightlife.
  8. Niagara Health is just 1 1/2 hours from Toronto and offers convenient cross-border shopping.
  9. The Niagara Region hosts some of the most diverse and breathtaking landscapes in the world, such as Niagara Falls and the Bruce Trail.
  10. Working at Niagara Health ensures less time commuting and more time enjoying life.

RN Education Opportunities

Niagara Health has opportunities for paid education, collaboration with colleagues and quality of work life.  Below are some of the great programs we can offer if you choose the Niagara Health.

Nursing Endowment Fund - Niagara Health has been successful in receiving $500,000.00 for continuing education for nurses. Each year, we will have $100,000.00 to disseminate to nurses wishing to pursue their professional development. Nurses are entitled to $1500.00 per year towards their education.

NH/ONA Education Fund – This is a joint NH/ONA ‘Education Fund’ created to support ongoing nursing and leadership education for ONA members. Each June, applicants will be chosen by random lottery and winners will have access to $500 which can be utilized for courses, expenses or wage replacement to support their education.  Any surplus money goes towards our Hospital Association Committee to be used towards additional education and training for ONA members.

PCN Education – Twice a year our permanent charge nurses have the opportunity to attend professional development opportunities.

Internships – Niagara Health has run Critical Care Internships for current employees in which they are provide education and clinical placements in order to receive their Critical Care Certificate. As an organization we continually review and assess areas where we can run such programs to provide opportunities for our staff.

Mentorship Programs – Niagara Health provides a 1 day workshop to prepare for the role of a mentor.

Late Career Initiative – Niagara Health actively participates in this annual initiative which is based on Ministry approval.  This provides an opportunity for a late career nurse to take part in a project to advance nursing.

Nursing councils - Nursing Professional Practice Council (NPPAC) is our voice for nursing practice issues. An RN/RPN Co-Chair collaborative Nursing Professional Development Advisory Council (NPDAC) is our council to address professional nursing development.

RNAO and RPNAO advanced clinical fellowship – each year as an RNAO Best Practice Spotlight Organization, we offer RN’s and RPN’s RPNAO and RNAO Advanced Clinical Practice fellowships whereby a nurse, if successful, can spend 450 hours working on a specific best practice initiative to support their units or professional nursing practice.

Wellness nurse – Provides wellness initiatives and incentives with a focus on health education and behavior change towards wellness for the staff of NH. The Wellness RN provides resources such as smoking cessation, weight reduction and maintenance, stress management, physical fitness and general work /life balance. Hypnosis as well as life coaching is available free of charge to interested staff.

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