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Welcome to the Outpatient Oncology Department

Please be assured that you are in good hands; our team of professionals is here to care for and support you through your treatment plan. Our patient –centred approach will guide you through your initial assessment, testing and treatments, education and ongoing follow-up care.

Throughout this plan you will work hand-in-hand with our interprofessional team of medical oncologists (doctors specializing in cancer care), specialized oncology nurses and radiation oncologists.

These health-care professionals will also work together with our supportive care team that includes social workers, spiritual and religious care consultants, dietitians, pharmacists, and others to support you through the delivery of your personalized treatment program

Your First Visit

The Oncology Department provides care at three NHS sites, with the hub of care being provided at the St. Catharines Site. There are satellite clinics at the Greater Niagara General and Welland Hospital Sites where consultation, follow-up and supportive care is provided to outpatients and inpatients, promoting care as close to home as possible.

Complete the self-reporting history before your visit and bring it with you to your first appointment. At that time, you will meet your oncology team.

What do I bring to my first visit?

  • Please bring a family member or friend, if possible. Most patients find a second set of ears helpful
  • Your Ontario Health Card
  • Write down any questions you may have and bring these with you. Otherwise, you may forget to ask these important questions at your appointment
  • Current medication list (ask for a medication review with your pharmacist, they can make sure everything is up to date and provide you with a current list)
  • Please bring medications in their original containers including
    • Prescription medications
    • Herbal Products
    • Over-the-counter or non-prescription medications

What do I bring to each visit?

  • A family member or friend, if possible
  • Your Ontario Health Card
  • Your list of questions
  • Current medication list – make sure you get an updated list of all of your medications from your pharmacy every time a doctor gives you a new medication or tells you to stop taking a current medication

Treatment Plan

You and your oncologists will discuss and decide on the best treatment plan for you.

If additional tests are required, these will be identified and ordered by your oncologists at the time of your visit. Please note that chemotherapy treatment is only administered at the Walker Family Cancer Centre or Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton. Your treatment plan will guide where your care and follow-up will be provided.

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