Niagara Health is ‘Choosing Wisely’ to improve patient care

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Niagara Health recently received national recognition for achieving Level 1 Certification as a Choosing Wisely Canada hospital for demonstrating its commitment to reducing unnecessary medical tests, treatments and procedures across our sites.

While getting tested is often an important part of managing your health, sometimes more tests is not always a good thing. Choosing Wisely Canada’s national campaign - More Is Not Always Better – is encouraging healthcare providers and patients to engage in healthy conversations about their care plans to ensure safe, high-quality care.

Niagara Health’s Clinical Utilization Committee has been instrumental in helping the organization achieve the Level 1 Certification: Diving Into Overuse In Hospitals, as part of its commitment to providing extraordinary care. In order to achieve Level 1 Certification, Niagara Health had to implement five Quick Wins as identified by Choosing Wisely Canada, which included reducing unnecessary blood work and chest X-rays.

The committee consists of representatives from pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, laboratory medicine and finance. The team has been working together to improve patient care by reducing unnecessary testing. Examples of this work include de-prescribing medications when they are no longer required, reducing the frequency of blood and microbiology tests when they aren’t required, and aligning patient care with the latest evidence-based practices.

As part of this campaign, Niagara Health is encouraging patients and families to engage in conversations with their healthcare providers to make informed choices together.

Niagara Health is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to safe, high-quality care by participating in this initiative.

For more information visit Choosing Wisely Canada.

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