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Meet the South Niagara Project Team

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South Niagara Site Project Team Contact Information & Responsibilities


Karen Adams

Project Assistant

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 57990 


Alter ego:  Mrs. Incredible

About me:  Karen loves spending time with family and friends. She enjoys cooking, baking, wine, travel and Disney!

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Lucy Batt

Clinical Transition Specialist – Ambulatory and ED


Alter ego:  Batgirl (Battgirl moniker can be seen on her vanity plates and personal email accounts)

About me: Lucy is a dedicated hockey mom to 2 teenaged children who have both kept her gainfully employed outside of NH in the fields of Transportation & Finance.  She loves searching for antique and vintage treasures and has a flair for refinishing and repurposing fueled by her addiction to Facebook Marketplace.  When some downtime does present itself, she enjoys travel, road trips, food, fine wine and spending time with her family.

Nicole Bindoo

Project Specialist, Service Planning and Operational Readiness


Alter ego:  Black Panther

About me: Passionate about food, family, friends and reading. Nicole loves travelling to, and discovering, new food spots as well as spoiling others with her baking and cooking. When not at work she can be found spending time with friends and family, reading a good book or meeting with her book club!

Carmen Cernusca

Clinical Transition Specialist, Inpatient - Service Planning and Operational Readiness

Alter ego: Rey
About me: Nurse by day, nerd by night. This Star Wars and Harry Potter fangirl loves all things Hogwarts and droid. Her passion extends to yelling at the TV while watching the 49ers and the Canadiens play, curling and crime TV. When not engaging in any of the above she enjoys spending time with her family and endlessly searching for palm trees on her next travel adventure.

Izabela Cawricz

Project Manager - Planning and Design

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 57991


Alter ego: Wonder Woman

About me: Interior Designer. Design enthusiast. Want to be yogi. Lover of travel and learning about new places. Spare time spent with friends enjoying local wineries and restaurants. Avid watcher of historical and architectural series – balanced out with commitment to watching all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta episodes.

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Ben Embir

Senior Design Manager

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 57993


Alter ego:  Batman

About me:  Ben enjoys cooking and baking. You will often find him watching cooking shows on TV and then experimenting in the kitchen with odd combinations of ingredients.  In his early 20’s I was a contestant on a cooking/dating game show, although his secret ambition is to one day be a contestant on the Netflix reality bake-off competition – ‘Nailed It’ - where amateur bakers compete to replicate complicated cakes and confectioneries.
Ben is fascinated with learning about how the world works and understanding different dimensions of the human psyche.  His favourite authors are Esther Perel, Malcolm Gladwell, Eckhart Tolle and Viktor Frankl.  When he's not working you will often find him attempting DIY projects that are well beyond his abilities, mostly because he comes from a family that believes in attempting to do it yourself before you hire a contractor.

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Michael Glanzmann

Enterprise Architect, ICT

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 57994


Alter ego: Wolverine

Don Hall

Senior Transaction and Construction Manager

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 57989


Alter ego:  Iron Man

About me:  Raised in Sundridge, Ontario, a town of 1,000 strong with a disproportionate number of NHL hockey players. Don grew up hunting, fishing and backwoods camping in nearby Algonquin Park. Although he adores the outdoors and rural living, the big city and its architecture, drew him to travel, work and live in Sydney Australia, Toronto, London, Sarnia and now Brantford.  With his wife of 29 years, they have four grown children ranging in age from 18 to 29.  When not working, you will probably find Don on a golf course.

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Cliff Harvey

Chief Planning Officer

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 43106


Alter ego: Dr. Strange

About me: Avid reader, part-time painter, and passionate about health care and design.

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Mary Jane Johnson

Director, Partnerships and Engagement

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 57994 


Alter ego:  She-ra

About me:  Born and raised in Niagara.  Brand builder, story teller, community fundraiser, dog lover and donut enthusiast.  Mary Jane professionally boxed, once, and retired undefeated.  Mary Jane's downtime is typically spent in a pool, on a boat, or near water.

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Jessica Mottola

Project Manager, Facilities Management

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 29881


Alter ego: Buffy the vampire slayer

About me:  Born and raised in Niagara Falls, Jessica is a mother of 2, who enjoys baking with and for her kids, coaching their soccer teams, playing volleyball with friends (in a gym or in the sand), seeing musicals with her partner, and spending time with her extended families.

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Andrea Nguyen

Project Director, Service Planning and Operational Readiness

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 57986 


Alter ego:  The Wasp

About me: Long-time lifeguard/camp counsellor – spent almost all summers at camp and loves a good ice breaker game.  Really crafty –  Andrea dabbles in cake decorating and have even done a few weddings.  Andrea loves spending time with my family camping and seeking adventure. Her favourite secret hobby is pottery mug collecting…she can’t resist the beauty and rustic charm.

Denim Pascucci

Senior Project Specialist, Design and Construction


About me: Passionate about design, music, food, travel, and film. When not working on the South Niagara Site project, Denim can be found biking along Lake Erie, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, catching up on 20th Century films, or playing music. 

Read Denim's full bio here

Alter ego: Special Agent Dale Cooper

Nathalie Stewart

Clinical Transition Specialist-Therapeutic Services

Alter ego: Super Girl

About me: Nathalie is a proud mom of two. She loves spending time with her family and friends. As a recent empty nester she has filled the void with a sweet puppy… Maggie. All of her spare time is now focused on training Maggie to become a therapy dog.

Patrick Topping

Senior Project Specialist - Transaction Construction 


Alter ego: Thor

About me: Born and raised in Niagara Falls, Patrick is a licensed electrician, construction enthusiast, baseball fanatic and amateur gardener. Patrick is a father of 2 who enjoys physical activities such as running, biking, baseball and golf. Patrick’s downtime is spent having a sit with his wife, some kind of renovations around the house and playing around with his kids. A bonus tidbit; Patrick played guitar and toured in a punk band in his early 20’s. 

Jeff Wilson

Director, ICT Operations - Information & Communications Technology

Phone: 905.378.4647 x 29827


Alter ego: Captain America

Angela Zangari

Angela Zangari

Executive Vice President, Finance and Operations

Executive Lead, South Niagara Project

Phone: 905-378-4647 Ext. 43114


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