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Outdoor Landscape Design - South Niagara Site

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Our outdoor landscape vision is designed to create healing outdoor environments that respond to the needs of our patients, staff and visitors. Our approach will ensure a safe and accessible experience for all.

The future South Niagara Site will provide a safe, accessible experience for patients, family, caregivers, staff and physicians. The outdoor landscape will encourage relaxation and social interaction for all users and re-energize staff and physicians. Our landscape will celebrate the historical , geographical and cultural aspects of South Niagara while focusing on environmental sustainability and innovation. A large focus of the landscape design includes outdoor healing environments that respond to the special needs and conditions of patients in specific clinical programs. Providing care through a variety of outdoor spaces will encourage exposure and connections to nature.

Click each visual to enlarge. This site plan is conceptual and for illustrative purposes only. It is subject to change.

Outdoor Spaces - Landscape Design


Niagara Health is taking steps to ensure sustainability is at the foundation. Here's how:

  • Preservation of the site began in the fall of 2020 as volunteers harvested pin oak acorns from the thicket, and are preparing the acorns to be replanted on the north edge of the project site in the spring.
  • Niagara Health will be investigating opportunities to select harvest suitable trees from the southeast corner of the site to be repurposed and used in, and in support of, the future South Niagara hospital.
  • In consultation and partnership with Indigenous community members, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers spoke to the land to pay respect and explain the new purpose of the area, both its past and its future, connect with Mother Earth, and take time to recognize that the site will be a place of healing for many. Members from our Indigenous community have been invited to extract/harvest materials for their use. 

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